What Are Australian Pokies?


It is not new knowledge that Australians love gambling. It is now like a cultural identity as almost everyone in the country engages in it during their leisure time. As technology advanced, gambling moved from physical to online.

Australians value pokies and the regulations in the gambling industry are now more favorable. Also, with smartphones in the hands of almost everyone, people can now access more casino games on the internet. You can visit this website to read the updated gambling policy in Australia.

australian pokies

What are Pokies?

Pokies are slot machines in Australia gotten from the name poker machine. ‘Pokies’ has become a popular term because people who play the game use it very often. Apart from the name, the features of the game and how it is played are not different from the regular slot games. So, when you come to Australia, you don’t have to relearn how to play the Australian version.

The previous slot machines had 3 slots, which was quite disadvantageous as players could only play one pay line during each spin. As a result, the chances of winning were limited. However, the introduction of online casinos changed everything. It has several play slots that you can spin from your smartphone or computer and more slots mean more winning opportunities.   

History of Australian Pokies Machine

Charles Fey developed the first poker machine in America. At that time, the game was very simple. It was referred to as the Bell of Liberty. In the early nineteen hundred, the shores of Australia witnessed its first set of poker machines. Although illegal, they were common among gamblers.

In 1953, Aristocrat, a company in Australia discovered that the machine might be the future game. So, Joe Heywood assisted the company in designing its prototype named Clubman. In 1995, Clubmaster replaced Clubman. In 1996, the Australian government declared slot machines legal. This was the game-changer for gambling in the country.

The poker machine soon became popular despite the fact that its structure was still at the basic level. Some years later, we saw the improved version that came with lights. After then, no more improvements were made as each machine had 1,3, or 5 pay lines and 3 spinning reels.

By present-day standard, the jackpots at that time were miniature. Also, to use the machine, you need to pull the handle for the reels will spin. Afterward, you have to wait for it to stop spinning. The game was played this way until the middle of the 1980s when manufacturers came up with video slot machines.

The slots would roll off the screen and into the reach of the players. This was a major development since the invention of Charles Fey. The games now came with 5 reels and more pay lines. There were also more ways of winning a gamble or free spin option. You can check out https://www.wikihow.com/ to learn how to play the improved casino slots.

By the early 1990s, various states in Australia had approved the use of poker machines in pubs. As a result, the game became widespread in Queensland, and South Australia. Today, wherever you are in Australia, you can walk into any casino and still find a collection of video slot machines. And the pokies rank as a major type of gambling.

The History of Online Pokies

The first online casino began in the early 1990s. It changed the way people played and perceived the game. The Gaming Club was among the first casinos and it still exists today.

Although the online casino has been in existence for a long time, Australian pokies went online in 2004 after the release of Thunderstruck by Microgaming. This was the beginning of a new world of gaming. Today, you can find hundreds of games online.

The history of online pokies will not be complete without any mention of mobile gaming. Following the popularity of smartphones, gamers can now access their favorite casino games from the comfort of their homes. This has eliminated the need to scout for a casino when you are in a new location.

What is the Origin of Pokies?

We are not quite certain about when pokies was first used, but it is now a well-known term for Australian video slot machines. Pubs and casinos always refer to the game as pokies in their ads. The name may have appeared around the time when Cardies (video poker) and slots were both referred to as poker machines.

Therefore, it made more sense to shorten the name to pokies. However, the name is only unique to Australians because you won’t hear people from other countries calling it by that name; every other person still calls it a slot or a slot machine.

Where Can You Find Pokies?

You can find real Australian pokies in all casinos in Australia. Some restaurants and pubs also showcase the game. Going to a physical venue to play poker increases your chances of meeting new people, thereby, making the game interactive. You can have fun with strangers in groups.

Despite the number of physical gaming locations, the number of online casinos is skyrocketing. It doesn’t come as a surprise because almost everyone can access the internet. So, with a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, gamers can access the game through a mobile app or on the web. You can easily play the game during your leisure time without moving away from your couch.

If you plan to play Australian pokies, you can look for good online casinos and sign up for one or two. Although some casinos require a deposit before playing, some offer free plays. This is something you should bear in mind when choosing an online casino. And your chances of winning are unlimited compared to playing on a physical poker machine.

In Summary

Australian pokies have been in existence for quite some time, from the time of the 3 reel slots that had 1, 3, or 5 pay lines. The game is played during leisure to relax or socialize with other gamers. Today, the online version is more preferred, and Australians can play on their preferred devices.

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