Watching Videos & Getting Paid: The coolest way to make money online

Over the years, Online Money making has been the key source of income for many freelancers. A lot of people create videos and earn money, but do you know that even watching videos can earn you money?

Yes, a lot of people might find this to be very unusual to hear, but many websites offer payment for watching the videos. So if you are eager in how to Make Money by Watching Videos, here is a guide for you. Though tons of websites offer you for money, only a few of them keep their promise. Of course, a lot of people do get confused in which website to choose and which one not to. Here is a complete guide for you!

make money watching videos

  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is probably the best website that you can get for watching the videos and getting paid. Simply with the Swagbucks Extension, the website allows you to earn money for watching your favorite videos throughout the day. Apart from making raw cash for the videos you watch, you can also get gift cards and cash back options to make more money. Apparently, the Swagbucks is the best website when it comes to getting rewards for watching videos.  The website is 100% legitimate and safe for all the users to get started with.

How Swagbucks Works?

To get started with Swagbucks, you need to sign up to their website by creating an account. By joining the site, you can get free 50 SB which can get your needs fulfilled. You can just get the extension downloaded or even use their search directory to watch the videos. Once you start watching then, you wallet balance will also increase. There is a video guide that explains you everything on how it works and how you can easily earn money. You can even operate the website from PC as well as Mobile!

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  1. EarnHoney

making money by watching videosEarnHoney is another website that is 100% legal to give out a passive income when you earn extra money online. EarnHoney is practically a website where you can earn money through Paypal and also win Amazon Gift Cards by watching videos and many other things. It is completely free to join and can let you earn in big. The best part of using the EarnHoney is to get your daily requirement fulfill, and the steps for earning are really every natural.

How does EarnHoney work?

The primary goal to earn EarnHoney is to obtain with the help of Honey Dollars. By watching videos, you can earn Honey dollars. However, for every 100 Honey Dollars, you can transform into $1.00! Once you have earned enough dollars, you can easily redeem it to your PayPal account. Watching videos is probably the easiest way to earn money from Honey Dollars.

It starts off as soon as you hit the play button and the videos continue to play automatically. Infact, it will not stop unless you close the browser or press the stop button. The best part of earning with EarnHoney is that there is view ability of the ad that multiplies your earnings easily. To get the circles green, the videos must be on an active Tab.

  1. Earnably

The configuration of the Earnably website is basically a reward that allows you to watch the videos in exchange of earning money through Paypal. There are also other alternatives for earning money with Bitcoins or even with Amazon Gift Cards. The videos in Earnably are short and are of 60 seconds which rewards you with 1 point each. It almost allows you to watch 100 videos in a day and you have to click and open up a video manually. The sign-up offer from Earnably will give you a $5 bonus to add to your wallet.

How does Earnably work?

To earn by watching videos, the best thing would be to tune into the AdBistro channel. You can just open the videos in another window and let it playing out on the edge. This way, you can just have a glance and see when the video finishes and you can open another.

Watching the videos here at Earnably is very easy, and for every video of 60 seconds, you can earn upto 1 point. The best part is that you can run the videos in the background and then keep doing your task.

earn money with videos

  1. InstaGC

If you are thinking of a really good and legit website that will profit you with the most earnings, then the InstaGC is just what you would need perfectly. With the ways to make extra money by watching videos, the InstaGC website has been a popular choice for many freelancers. There are hundreds of legitimate ways by which you can earn money from InstaGC but probably watching videos can be the fastest. It is designed to be a professional GPT site where you can watch the videos and earn points.

At the end of watching videos, you can redeem the wallet for cash or even for gift cards. The thing that makes InstaGC unique from all other websites is that you can get rewarded instantly.

How does InstaGC work?

To be an eligible member of the InstaGC site, the user needs to be 18+ years of old. It is a great site for everyone to watch the videos and earn quick money. For every 1 point that a user can earn from InstaGC is equivalent to $0.01! There are different channels that allow you to see the videos.

For every 1 point, you need to watch 3 videos while for every 1 point from InstaGC channel, you need to watch 5 videos.

There are other websites like Grab Points which you can also consider for earning money through videos

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