Vlogging – How to get started and what it will offer you


Ever wanted to start vlogging but weren’t sure where to start? Vlogging is a great way to gain more readers, promote your WordPress blog, sell products through affiliate links or even services like web hosting packages. Certainly, this modern trend has been around for years and is one of the most important ways to promote your content. But what is the basic knowledge that one should know about vlogging?

vlogging guide Vlogging - How to get started and what it will offer you

What is vlogging?

Let’s start with the basics: Vlogging, or video logging, is a phenomenon that has become incredibly well known over the last ten years or so. Put merely, vlogging is the new video blogging trend that everyone is involved with. Although in the beginning, vlogging focused mainly on younger people, it is now ideal for anyone who wants to make money, sell products or increase traffic to his blog.

Vlogging is not much different from blogging. More or less, you will need to focus on the same things: on a topic, on an excellent visual vlog, on quality and exciting content.

In other words, find a topic, create a program and press the rec button to get started. Whether you are trying to promote your personal blog or your business website through vlogging, vlogging can help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

YouTube owns the vast majority of vlogging. With more than one billion monthly active users, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. It allows ordinary users to create their own YouTube channels, generates complete lists of videos they have uploaded (or from other users), live stream video, live chat with their audience, and more. These make YouTube the ideal vlogging platform for any vlogger.

There are of course millions of vloggers who prefer other platforms such as Vimeo and Dailymotion for example. Facebook and Instagram are also excellent services to promote small excerpts from your videos to increase your followers. If you have a blog, you can also upload your videos there directly from YouTube or Vimeo.

If you want to increase your chances of success, you can even use Vimeo and YouTube and upload your videos to both platforms. However, remember that YouTube is your best choice.

How to take your first steps as a vlogger

Choose the type of your content

Content is king (or isn’t?). This applies to everything, even in vlogging. To create a huge community of followers, you will need to create and upload interesting videos. Just like with blogging, in vlogging you will need to deal with a major topic. It could be the same as what you provide on your blog – unless of course, you are a blogger. Or a topic that is purely marketing. The choice is definitely yours to make! Find a subject, however, that you know well and like and share it with the world.

Video recording

When making videos, make sure they have the best possible quality. No one will watch a low budget video on their mobile phone in a quality where the pixels are visible. If you can not produce high-quality vlogs, then it is better to buy a piece of basic equipment first and then engage in vlogging.

Video editing

Once you have finished recording a video, you will then need to edit it. You can search and download one of the free video editors for starters. Alternatively, you can use iMovie directly on your Mac or VSDC Video Editor on Windows or Shotcut on Linux to mix music with the video. If you are interested in business software and want to invest in vlogging, then take a look at Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas Pro.

Having good material for processing is just as important as the processing itself. There are many techniques to upgrade your videos’ final result, but definitely one of them is adding a voice over. By adding voice over your videos, they immediately acquire a more professional quality, which is very important if you want your video to catch the viewers’ attention. The majority of amateur videos lack voice-overs, depriving them of several vital points in their overall quality. So try to record the voice-overs of your videos yourself, acquiring a piece of basic recording equipment.

On the other hand, if you want to save time and get the maximum possible quality, you could trust a voice acting agency. Voquent offers a wide range of voice actors to cater to any blogging or any other content needs, at the best market prices. A practical solution that will definitely give you the quality you were looking for.

Once you have finished editing the video, upload it directly to YouTube and then follow the basic SEO techniques you’ve learned.

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