How CPM Advertising can Exponentially increase your Blog Income?


CPM Advertising to Boost your blog Income with top cpm ad networksCPM Ad Networks is generally given the last priority by Bloggers (it may be you) to make money from Blog. Pay Per Click advertising Programs like Google Adsense and Direct Sponsorship are the most preferred choice by any niche Bloggers. No doubt these must be, but investing a small amount of time and little knowledge of CPM advertising can generate you tons of extra money, much greater than Adsense or Sponsorship and in lesser time. If you don’t believe me just ask the top bloggers in your network that what is the Biggest Earning Source for their Blog?  I bet you their answer will never be Adsense or Sponsorship.  Some will say that it’s Affiliate marketing that works and most of them will answer you some CPM company.

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Cost per Mille or Specifically Cost per Thousand Impressions is a Blog monetization Strategy where advertisers pay for every 1000 Impressions on their ads (in Latin mille means thousands). I had already published Post on “What exactly is CPM Advertising” in case you want a detailed explanation.

But I think that you are now waiting for the hidden answer that “How CPM can exponentially increase my blog Income?”

CPM Costs vary from one advertising Company to other. Generally it’s between 3$-5$ for every 1000 Page views on your Blog. But it’s a fixed income as every time a visitor is reading something on your Blog the money increases. No-one has to Click or perform a certain task to make money for you.

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And suppose if you had a 5000 page views on some random day. It might be a chance that no one can click on your google ads or may be 20-30 people clicks. But still you will only generate 3$-5$ depending on your CTR. But by CPM advertising you can make 15$-25$ with the same situation. So as I said CPM helps to increase your Blog Income exponentially. But you might be wondering where the hell I will find these companies? Don’t Worry I had already prepared a list of Best CPM ad Networks that generates Maximum revenue. You definitely should go through it.

V.V. Important Notes for CPM Advertising?

  • It may be hard to here for some readers, But CPM Advertising never works for Blogs that doesn’t have good traffic. By Good Traffic I means at-least 500 unique visitors per day. But if your Blog satisfies this criteria then you are just a step short for your huge success. For others I can Only suggest to put some extra hard work to increase your Blog hits.

  • CPM advertising is not advisable for newbie Bloggers or blog just 3-5 months old. Most Companies will track your past 3 months traffic stats before offering their services to you. So most of the time you will be rejected.

  • CPM Advertising Best works if it’s done according to the niche of your blog. It means displaying a relevant banner of a company that has the target audience or customers just like yours is the best practice done for CPM Monetization strategy.

In this Post, I had emphasized on the Importance of CPM Advertising in your Blogging Success.  If you will not started your research on this revenue generating method till today, then as a friendly advise i will only suggest you that you must give it some time and experiment with these ads. Not easily but surely it will Boost your Blog Income.

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