Trends in Exhibit Booth Displays


The goal of every trade show manager is to make sure that their exhibit booth displays stand out from the crowd. Keeping up with the emerging trends is vital for success. Trade shows and exhibitions are always evolving. New designs can help you get new leads and attract potential customers. Some of the most common emerging trends include;

1. Selfie Walls

These days, there is no better way to bring a group of people together than through selfies. The selfie trend has been around for some time and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Creative use of branded selfie spaces is an effective way to increase your brand awareness on social media.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a great way to keep your visitors engaged. The technology trend does not only attract attendees. It also keeps them in your booth and encourages them to learn more about your brand.

3. The Use of Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are simple and universal. They can introduce an elegant yet rustic feel to your booth. Consider using pallets for your walls or furniture. Another option is to turn them into décor pieces.

4. Mystery

This is not a new trend but it continues to gain popularity over the years. Creating a sense of mystery and suspense can encourage attendees to visit your booth. Keep everything about your booth mysterious. Do not lay everything out in the open. By sparking a sense of curiosity, you draw the attendees to come closer and take a peek.

5. Designated Meeting Rooms

Designated meeting rooms give you the chance to interact with your visitors on a personal level. Use your meeting rooms to transform leads into sales. They make it possible to capture the attention of potential customers while they are still interested in your business. Encourage them to schedule appointments or contact you.

6. Adding a Human Appeal

Consider giving your trade show design an emotional feel. There is no better way to capture the attention of attendees than through their emotions. You can play around with textures, lighting, and colors to create different moods.

7. Customer-Oriented Designs

Customer-oriented designs are a fast-growing trend. Instead of focusing on a design that stands out, modern designs focus on adding value to the customer. They are subtle and they target specific needs. Customer-oriented designs focus on appealing to the emotions of visitors.

8. Creating a Multi-Sensory Experience

Modern designs strive to appeal to many senses of the visitor. Senses that you can easily appeal to include; sight, smell, and hearing. The sense of smell is the most emotional one. Use it to your advantage. If you are in the food industry, you can easily appeal to the sense of taste.

9. The Use of Unique Lighting

In the past, all you needed was a regular flat-screen TV. Things have changed a lot over the past few years. Even though lighting is not necessarily a new trend, its popularity is growing fast. Use light and shadows to create the ambiance you want. Consider intertwining shadows and down lighting to create a truly memorable feel.

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