What are the Top Three Businesses in Dubai


Did you know that setting up a business in the UAE is easier than in other Middle East regions? The government and ruling persons of Dubai are constantly working to improve the business environment. Better facilities are constantly provided to foreign investors and the opportunity to build up their business in a fast-paced multicultural environment. The UAE has been standing out from the Middle East as it has been operating differently. Instead of relying on oil production as other Middle East countries, Dubai has established the perfect business-friendly eco-system. That said, foreign investors have found the best platform to develop their business startups and expand their business globally. Click here to get more details about the offshore companies in uae.

dubai business What are the Top Three Businesses in Dubai

1)         Construction Sector

Construction companies are amongst the most profiteering businesses in the UAE. As you can see that this man-made island comprises the tallest buildings on this planet. Dubai keeps constructing new buildings with innovative designs every other day. This aspect has opened a huge door for foreign construction firms to offer their services in the UAE and gain more profits. Entrepreneurs and expats can also opt for selling construction materials in their raw form to the UAE and pocket profits.

2)     Maintenance services

The services of maintenance, plumbing, and repairing jobs are in great demand in the UAE. In fact, these services operate on a smaller scale, yet their demand is at the peak. People in the UAE keep looking for skilled handymen who know their craft well. You can start a business in the UAE on a smaller scale by providing small services to clients who lack the time or skills to do it themselves. However, you do need a solid financial and marketing plan apart from getting your business registered first. If you are skilled labor or have a group of skilled laborers, you are more likely to excel in this business field.

3)           Real Estate

If you are thinking about setting up a real estate business in the UAE, you will find tremendous success. Since the number of foreign investors and expats in the UAE is constantly rising, real estate affairs are also increasing. Such matters include but are not limited to, buying, renting, and selling properties. People residing and working in the UAE are demanding trustworthy and professional real estate agents who can promise smooth property dealings. A license is required before you can officially operate your real estate business in the UAE.

Final Thoughts…

Before you take the plunge and prepare for your first business meeting in the UAE, it is recommended that you learn about Dubai’s culture beforehand. As mentioned before, Dubai is the cultural hub of the UAE. You should get familiar with the customs, etiquette, and nitty-gritty of Dubai’s life so that you become a successful foreign investor.

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