Pictory AI: The Secret Weapon for Making $7000 Online – Grow Your Business


Hey everyone, today I am going to teach you how to use Pictory AI for content creation, with the help of any video editor.

Speaking about Youtube videos, shorts, Tiktok, or Instagram reels, these are a few platforms that can help you make massive money. The only point you need to understand is to research and figure out the highest paying niches.

Niche — CPMs

Finance — $50–100

Insurance — $40–80

Healthcare — $30–60

Technology — $20–40

Travel — $15–30

Education — $10–20

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Pictory AI

Back to the topic, the most important part here is to find your niche.

Once you have figured out your niche, the next step is to move to Pictory and take advantage of this awesome AI tool.

I will try to breakdown Pictory AI’s features and workings in easy terms, so that it will be easy for you to understand how this AI tool works.



Let’s get started with the basics —

What is Pictory AI?

Pictory AI is a cloud-based AI tool that helps you create engaging videos from text, images, and audio. It can be used to create a variety of videos, including YouTube videos, Instagram Reels, TikToks, and YouTube Shorts. Pictory AI also allows you to add captions, music, and effects to your videos.

How can Pictory AI help you earn a passive income?

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  • Youtube Videos
  • Instagram Reels ( Sponsored)
  • Tiktok(Sponsored)
  • Create videos that you can then sell or license to other businesses.
  • Create videos that you can then use to promote your own products or services
  • you can use Pictory AI to create videos that you can then use to build your brand and attract new customers

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Pictory AI has a number of features that make it a powerful tool for creating engaging videos. These features include:

How it works

Pictory AI works by using artificial intelligence to analyze your text and create a video that matches your content. The AI takes into account the length of your text, the keywords you use, and the tone of your writing. It then selects the appropriate stock videos, images, and music tracks to create a video that is both visually appealing and engaging.

First, you can create Twitter threads by tweeting out the different slides of your video. Second, you can create LinkedIn posts by embedding your video in a post.

Finally, you can use your videos as the basis for blog posts or articles.

BIG QUESTION — Did I create any video as a sample to show you guys?

Ans wer— HELL YES!

Here is the link to a sample video that I created using this video for you all.

So check out this awesome site and start making money online.

PICTORY AI LINK — https://pictory.ai?ref=autism96

(Please note that this is an affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything extra, but if you make a purchase through this link, I may earn a commission that will help me reach my goals. Thank you for your support)

My score for Pictory AI — 5/5

An extra income can help you manage and enjoy a lot of things in life. It can also help you fix your finances.

The above shared strategy can help you make a nice passive income. I would urge you to make the most of this new secret income stream.

I will keep posting about some really kickass profitable strategies in the upcoming days. Till that time, do share and subscribe if you find this article valuable 🙂

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    Shuja says

    I appreciate the emphasis on the importance of perseverance and resilience when facing obstacles in making money. It’s a reminder that setbacks are part of the process.

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