What are Online Gambling Bonus Wager Requirements and How to Meet Them?


Online casinos and sportsbooks have been on the edge for a long time now and their popularity has grown even more during the pandemic. Online gambling offers a ton of perks compared to its land-based counterparts, and apart from accessibility virtual casinos offer a ton of benefits including grand welcome bonuses.

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While bonuses are an instrumental part of the casino experience and have been around for decades, online bookies upped the ante. As competition is much higher in the digital universe, the operators often come up with massive benefits to lure punters. Free spins are perhaps one of the more basic examples.

Welcome bonuses are a huge attraction for slot players, although punters can also benefit at table games. Cash bonuses are extremely important in this regard. Operators will often offer match deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses, and as a gambler, these provide an ideal opportunity to extend your bankroll.

However, before you get too excited, don’t forget to check out the wagering requirements. These are a set of rules that the players must abide by before being able to withdraw the winnings. Read the Terms and Conditions of every offer before signing up.

What Are Bonus Wager Requirements?

Bonus wager requirements are rules that protect the casino. These ensure the players keep reinvesting the money into the game, offering casinos a chance to win back the amount. The most common wagering requirements specify the number of rounds that you must play before withdrawing the winnings.

However, most rookies aren’t aware of these clauses and suffer losses at the end of the day. Certain casinos will also freeze your winning amount unless the wagering requirements have been fulfilled.

The most common wagering requirement is the playthrough and these stipulate the bonus amount depending on the operator. For instance, if you receive $100 as part of a welcome bonus, you might be required to wager the entire amount for a certain number of rounds before you’re able to withdraw the winnings.

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Why are Restrictions Put into Place?

Casinos are businesses at the end of the day. Hence, these restrictions ensure they remain in business. Welcome bonuses are merely a tool to lure new players into the system. The end goal is to draw additional funds from the players and wagering requirements are a great way to get started.

Without these fine prints, players would log in, make a huge deposit, and cash out the entire amount without giving the casino a chance to generate revenue and as we all know, that’s bad for business. While this policy isn’t a novelty, casinos must be treated as a source of entertainment and the house edge as entertainment tax.

At the end of the day, wagering requirements are necessary to protect the casino’s interests and are a part of the deal. The website will gladly cut you a check if you fulfill the bonus requirements and emerge victoriously.

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