Most Bloggers Fail to Make Money Because of These 9 Silly Mistakes


Hundred’s of bloggers born daily around the globe and 95-97% of them quit blogging in few weeks of struggle. Have you ever thought why majority of bloggers fail to make money online? Well I have tried to find answer on various blogs and yeah talked with my buddies too but couldn’t find the exact answer.

Why do most bloggers fail to make money online.

Somehow I managed to find some reasons that lead those new players out from the game. When you read these reasons, you will definitely say seriously man, these are very silly reasons. So guys let’s check out those reasons.

1. Do you know what is blogging?

Blogging is about to make money. You are going to listen this answer from a new blogger. Well my dear friends, Blogging isn’t about only making money, it’s more than this. Blogging is about solving people’s problem and provide them best information in a manner that other blogs failed to provide it. You should have to work online to earn loyal people in your network through your blog. Money flood gates will be opened for you surely.

You have to write from your heart. When you write better, more people will love to read your blog and when you have these kinds of people, you can’t be failed in blogging because there are lots of ways to make money online from your blog.

“Write what interests you, not from which people are making thousand bugs”.

2. You take Blogging as secondary option

This is one of the most vital reasons of bloggers failure in my eyes. Maximum people take blogging as their binary career option. Then how they can be successful. When you take something as binary option how you will concentrate on it, how you will give your 100% to it.

So guys if you really want to be successful in blogging, give full efforts here. Get right direction from top bloggers or you can learn through from Google. I also love to learn things from Google So I will recommend you to educate yourself from Google.

3. No knowledge, no money

New blogger doesn’t have proper knowledge regarding how to do blogging and how to implement seo effectively. Everyone knows that if you have knowledge you can earn lots of bugs in any job, any field.

When you are fresher, you don’t have much knowledge about how to do blogging effectively. So you can’t think much about making money. Once you attain good knowledge about seo and online marketing, you can earn so much money from various methods like providing paid services. One of the inspiring quote for every blogger whether he/she is experienced or not, just feel it and follow it..

“Knowledge is like money: the more one gets, the more one craves”.

4. Don’t have patience

Who doesn’t want quick money..???

Off-course everyone but to make money through blogging, you need to spend some time on your blog. A newly published blog is just like a small baby who has taken birth.

Just like a kid, it takes time for the growth of a blog. A 1 month baby can’t run even he/she can’t walk. Then how we can expect that our blog will generate passive income in few days.

You have to be patient for making money via blogging. For those who want to earn quick money, blogging is not for them. They can try some other methods by which they can generate income quickly.

5. Lack of time management skills:

Maximum bloggers fail to manage time for their blog. Either they couldn’t give proper time to their blog or social network profiles. Well its really difficult to manage time for the blog and social accounts and its worst condition when you are a student or a part time blogger.

Those who are managing proper time for their blogs they are ruling blogosphere. To get success in blogging and make decent money from blogging, one should learn how to manage time effectively.

6. To make money, you need to invest it:

Most of the bloggers will be agreed to me with this statement that “I started blogging to make money”. And you won’t deny this truth as well that “I never wanted to invest money to start blogging”.

Then I really want to know the answer of this question from you, “Did you really start blogging to earn money”?

Well if still your answer is YES, then why do you feel scary to invest some money for your blog..????

You all know that to make money, you need to invest money. It’s a simple equation, “More you invest, more you will get returned if you do it in a proper way”.

7. Don’t know how to do marketing

Most bloggers fail because they don't know how to do online marketing.

One of the top reason for failing in blogging is we don’t know how to do marketing. To be frank I also didn’t know how to market my blog online until I learn it from Neil Patel.

Well its really easy to learn the things but it is difficult to implement the marketing tactics as marketing also needs money which you don’t want to invest.

Newbies always concentrate on creating content on daily basis which doesn’t work for them. Publishing new blog post daily isn’t bad thing but not doing it’s proper marketing is worst thing. So it is better to publish one post in a week and do its marketing rest the 6 days.

“A best manufactured product is worthless if it’s marketing isn’t done properly”.

For a blogger, content is product for him/her so content’s marketing must be done properly. You won’t be failed in blogging if you do content marketing effectively, you will get good results which always boost your confidence.

8. You keep all eggs in one bucket

This is one of the major reasons of failure. Maximum bloggers concentrate on one source to make money online. No doubt 99% people, especially newbies are focused on AdSense. They try too hard to get adsense, and somehow they managed to get it’s approval. After getting adsense they couldn’t monetise it properly and even they get banned as well due to not understanding Google’ Adsense program policies.

After this they couldn’t rise themselves and leave the ground. So one should not focus only on one way to make money. You should have more options to earn money always.

9. The Worst reason of failure:

The biggest reason of failure in blogging is saying “Bye-Bye to blogging”. Maximum people quit blogging as they aren’t getting success and not generating good revenue through their blog. Everyone knows winners never quit and quitters never win. But still people quit.

The person who does quit, can’t win ever and further automatic this quitting ability is adapted in person’s life. I don’t say this, famous player Michael Jordan has said this great quote on quitting.

“If you quit once, it becomes your habit-Michael Jordan”.

One shouldn’t quit ever in his life, in any field. If you do quit from any work you are simply wasting your time and energy.


These are top silly mistakes of bloggers that lead them to failure in blogging. I have discussed these things just because I have experienced these things in my 2 years short blogging career. Even I would have quit from blogosphere in early 8 months of my starting as three times my blog was formatted, deleted due to some reasons and wrong guiding.

I motivate myself always that yes, I can and I have to do it. I have opportunity to learn new things that my college buddies won’t learn during studies. Keep yourself motivate every time to perform better, remove QUIT word from your dictionary.

Share your thoughts and views about this article. What do you think why do bloggers fail?

  1. Avatar of Parmveer Singh
    Parmveer Singh says

    Good Points Aman,

    But you didn’t tell how and where to invest money for blogging success. I wonder if you mean it by buying backl-links or pay on ads to promote a blog.

    Will you please explore further?

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Thanks parmveer sir for letting me to add some more stuff in the article.

      Yes, investing money is a big deal and to invest it in a proper is the art of a good investor. maximum bloggers afraid of investing money for good hosting, their website design layout (Paid theme) etc.

      If they invest for all these thing they will be beneficial for sure. Let us know if you can add some more things where bloggers can spend money to get results.

  2. Avatar of Vish Agarwal
    Vish Agarwal says

    Blogging is powerful way to earn your living online, Before getting into the starting a new website , he or she should focus on doing proper niche selection & keyword research , these two parts play very important role in success of blogging.

  3. Avatar of Aditi
    Aditi says

    Awesome article Thanks for Sharing

  4. Avatar of Advide Trainings
    Advide Trainings says

    Good points! aman Bansal,

    The 4th point is best which i’d liked the most .

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