Money Robot Review 2023


Money Robot review: Money Robot is high-quality link-building software that creates a tiered network of 2.0 backlinks to your site. The backlinks that it creates are of very good quality and are from reputed sites with good metrics. Money Robot is one of the most robust and automated backlinks generator tools in the market. It works on artificial intelligence, and by using this software, you can rank number one on Google. In this review, learn all about this amazing software and how it can be used for your business.

Money Robot Review

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We bring you this Money Robot review to explain its features and whether it is worth it or not. Many people opt for it because of the amazing features that it offers. Some of which are:

  • It supports unlimited website platforms
  • Live Link checker
  • Easy to use
  • It has a submitter that creates web 2.0 backlinks and is one of the easiest methods to automate your links
  • Money Robot Submitter also offers keyword research
  • It provides an Article spinner and rebuilder that helps in improving the quality of your article
  • Time-saving
  • It would be best to supervise the backlinks created by Money Robot, as this is the function of the SEO backlink monitor
  • Securely Payment method
  • It also has a browser that can automate any task
  • Smart submission activity
  • Regular updates on more than 55000 websites included
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Who uses Money Robot software?

In this Money Robot Review, let us understand which type of people this software is aimed for and who can utilize it the best.

The simple answer is that everyone can use this tool! If you have basic software knowledge and you are looking towards increasing your SERP rank and SEO traffic, then Money Robot is the tool you need.

Regardless of whether you are a big corporation or a part-time blogger, Money Robot can be an effective tool for your SEO campaign. Website owners, bloggers, digital marketers, SEO experts, media companies, YouTube content creators, etc., can use this software to build backlinks to increase their Google search result ranks with absolute ease.

How does Money Robot work?

Let us see how it operates and the mode of services it offers:

  • It does good research on Keywords. This would aid you in getting a fair idea of the keyword you should use. It would also provide you with an insight into the current ranking position when ranking on a single page.
  • Sites like YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter or any other social media platform are the sites on which Money Robot attempts to rank or power up. It uses similar sites to rank up as they can rank themselves and raise your main site.
  • Money Robot would get the titles for your blogs automatically, but you can also decide to choose the one as per your choice.
  • When writing an article is concerned, Money Robot can prove to be very time-conserving. With the help of this platform, you would be able to add numerous things to your article, such as adding a list of photo URLs, YouTube videos, Google Maps, iFrame embeds of Amazon affiliate link code or any link that you wish.

Money Robot Pricing

After learning about the characteristics and applications of the Money Robot, you must be wondering about its price. In our Money Robot review, it is the next thing we are covering. Here are the plans offered by Money Robot.

  • Monthly Subscription: $67 per month  
  • One Time Plan: $497 one time payment to get a lifetime license to the tool.

Due to the variety of available payment methods, it is extremely easy to make quick payments. Additionally, bitcoin can be used to pay for your subscription.

The best part is that they have a 7-day free trial that you can use and understand its features and see the outcome. If you think it is working well for your company, then you can go for the one-time purchase option.

How to use Money Robot?

Money Robot Review

Using Money Robot is easy, but the important point to keep in mind is that it is essential for you to learn how to make the best use of its features. You can try all of them in the 7-day trial, yet it can be a little confusing and tough for you to understand each of them.

In this Money Robot review, we have broken down the usage of Money Robot in easy steps so you can understand them easily.

Before you start using the tool, you will have to buy a subscription plan and install the software on your personal computer. Here are the steps to follow: 

1. Check The OS: Make sure that you have Internet Explorer, Vistas, Windows 7, or above to download the file.  

2. Download The Software: Go to the official website and click on the download button to start downloading the installer.  

3. Install The SoftwareAfter downloading the file, read the details, agree to the terms and conditions, choose the set-up location on your device and complete the installation process.  

4. Run The Software: After setting up the tool, run it for the first time. Create your account using your e-mail address, only after which you can start your 7-day trial period.

Money Robot Proxy – 

Money Robot comes with its default proxy, and it works fine. But, in case you are looking for better performance in terms of speed and amount of content creation and backlink formation, it is advised to have your private proxy set up.  

Now that you have downloaded the software and set up a proxy, the next step in our Money Robot review is to learn how to create a campaign.

Creating Campaign in Money Robot – 

To create a new campaign, here are the steps that you need to follow: 

  • Click on the ‘create new campaign’ option. 
  • Choose the backlinking diagram (wheel, pyramid, etc.) as per your SEO strategy.  
  • Fill in the site URL or Target Site URL. 
  • Add the target keyword. 
  • Fill in the content title and body.  

For a better campaign, you can create articles separately and keep them saved in a folder to be uploaded during the starting phase of the campaign on the tool itself. However, in case you don’t have content ready for the campaign, Money Robot can help create articles from scratch.  

After you have filled in all the details and ensured that the backlinking diagram is as per your goals, simply click on the ‘start campaign’ option. 

Once you start your first campaign, you can also clone it to create more keyword-targeted Web 2.0 properties. You can run 2 campaigns simultaneously, and this is the maximum number of campaigns you can run at a time. Depending on the speed of your VPS, the first campaign might take around 12 to 24 hrs.

After you complete the first 2 campaigns, you can also reuse the Web 2.0 properties you created. The benefit of doing this is that it would make Money Robot run faster and would also give your existing blogs a boost.

Doing this is pretty straightforward. Go to the Accounts tab, click on create new accounts and select use my already existing accounts.

What is Money Robot Submitter?

This tool was created by Softtech SRL and is an automated SEO tool. People love this tool because it is user-friendly and is a very effective SEO tool; you would see the results in a very short span. With Money Robot Submitter, you would be able to generate traffic for your website quickly and get a ranking on the first page of Google.

About SEO Submitter Software

Many people use this software in the business field as it is based on artificial intelligence, and it works like humans perform SEO tasks naturally. The database of this software comprises numerous quality backlinks sites. By using SEO Submitter Software, you would be able to make any kind of high-quality backlinks.

Because of such amazing features, it has become pretty well-known in the market. People who create backlinks know how boring and tough link building is, but with this software’s help, you will be able to create automatic backlinks in just a few clicks. You would be able to make a handsome amount of money if you use this software for business purposes.

SEO Submitter software is also named auto link building software because of its features and functionality.

Types of backlinks

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that there are different kinds of backlinks. Every backlink has its features, advantages, and quality; they work differently. As per our and several other Money Robot reviews, its submitter provides you with almost all types of backlinks that are renowned in the market for improving your rankings.

Money Robot automatically submits your content to various popular sites and directories like: 

  • Social bookmarking sites 
  • Web 2.0 blogs 
  • Web 2.0 profiles 
  • Social network posts 
  • Web directories 
  • Wiki articles 
  • Forum profiles 
  • Article directories 
  • Press release 
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) 

Money Robot characteristics

cats Money Robot Review 2023

No Money Robot review would be complete without a detailed review of its characteristics. Some amazing features of this tool are as follows:

1. Free Proxies – Proxies play an important role, and you get free proxies with Money Robot. In the world of link building compatible with search engines, getting free proxies is not a small thing. The functionality is pretty similar to VPN; the major difference is that proxies are used only for the web browser.

With the help of proxies, you can change the IP address of the link source without any trouble. The best part about using proxies is that it would look like you have created a fresh link for your site whenever you create links.

2. Captcha Solving – This is also a free feature that is available in Money Robot Submitter, and with its help, you can solve all captcha like photo, text, and calculation captcha. There are various websites where you would have to solve or fill a captcha for making posts or creating accounts.

But, with this amazing platform, you get an integrated captcha solver that can help you solve them seamlessly. It is not recommended for solving complex captcha for that you can either opt for paid captcha service or use a third-party captcha service provider. Their captcha solving process is fully automated and free.

3. Content Creation – For a link-building campaign, content creation plays a vital role, and with them, you can create as many articles as you want. This feature is called article spinning, wherein it automatically takes an article and rewrites it to create a new version before publishing.

You can rewrite or spin the article in numerous ways, and the best thing is that you need not worry about the content being duplicated.

4. Sites are updated frequently – These servers find new websites every day and update the list regularly. To date, they have around 55000 websites, and the number is increasing as you get new lists of websites updated daily. The major benefit of this feature is that it aids your site in getting backlinks from new websites.

Therefore, you would not have to search for a website list as you get the fresh list every day, where you would be able to submit your content automatically.

5. Inbuilt Backlink Indexer tool – All the backlinks created with the help of this tool will index to numerous search engines like Google and Bing automatically. This means that there is no need for you to purchase any additional indexer services to get a presence on the internet.

6. Free customer support – Another great thing about Money Robot is that their customer support team is available for you via different channels such as Skype, live chat, email, and the Facebook group. You can contact them if you have any query and their experienced team will help you by all means.

7. High-speed submission – They have multiple threading features; it feels like 100 employees are working to make your website rank high. They use Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer for simulating real human activity which makes it easy to pass any sort of robot detection mechanisms.

8. Money-back guarantee – If you are having cold feet about the usage and effectiveness of the tool, you can get a 7-day trial period to check some of the features and benefits. You can also get your money back in case of dissatisfaction with the tool within the first 7 days of payment.

9. Smart submission process – Their account creation process is completely automatic; you need not press any button to initiate the process; everything is done automatically, including email activation.

10. Backlink monitor feature – You can easily operate and monitor all your live backlinks, anchor texts, and other related information to your backlinks with a speed of around 500 threads per second.

These are some of the amazing features of Money Robot that you can use to increase your website’s ranking and traffic.


There are numerous benefits of using Money Robot for creating your links. Let us look at some of them –

  • It automates link building and handles all its processes, such as content creation, submission, and creating backlinks. Another advantage is that it searches for relevant websites automatically from which links can be sourced
  • It has the fastest submission process, and all this is possible because of its multi-threaded functionality
  • Includes more than 55000 links
  • Free proxies and captcha solving
  • No plagiarism for sure because of its article builder and spinner. It helps you in submitting unique and excellent content without any effort
  • With the help of a keyword research tool, you can search the keyword right away
  • One Money Robot license can operate on 2 separate VPSs, which helps reduce the costs of running your link-building campaigns
  • You can access the account details at any time that is saved on the cloud by Money Robot
  • For automating the tasks, they have a software called MR SEO
  • For running your SEO network, you can install the application on three different networks


Let us continue with this Money Robot review, here are some of its disadvantages –

  • Their trial software comes with restricted features. To completely know about all its features, you would have to opt for a monthly subscription
  • Its inbuilt captcha cannot solve complex puzzles; for that, you will have to purchase an indexer service
  • This software is compatible with the Windows operating system; you cannot use it directly with Mac software. You will need additional software like Microsoft Remote Desktop, but don’t worry, it is free
  • Its indexer service has a certain limit for the number of URLs you can use per day; hence you would have to buy an indexer service to help you index faster
  • Money Robot software requires a high CPU configuration and a high VPS. The campaigns will be determined based on your VPS completion

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Money Robot Review

If you wish to create numerous backlinks within a short span, then Money Robot should be the first software that you should look upon. It is the best available automated link-building software, and its results will pleasantly surprise you. You can give it a try by opting for their 7-day free trial option, wherein you can know more about the tool and its benefits.

It might take some time to get the starter skills required by the software, but you will become a pro with experience. You would be able to create a lot of backlinks by using different web properties. Their indexing process is relatively slow which keeps things natural for your site.

All in all, at the end of this Money Robot review and we must say that it is an excellent SEO link-building software, and there is no other software that is so effective. Keep reading for more such content!

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