How to do Micro Jobs Online on Genuine Websites?


The ease of using the internet along with the comfort of being your own boss has made freelancing a fast-growing business. As a freelancer, you are always open for multiple micro jobs websites that can help you earn money back at home. One of the best advantages that entails doing these micro jobs online is the fact that you can actually work from anywhere, at any time. You can be a student or a housewife or a simply newbie. As long as you want to earn some extra bucks back at home, these jobs are perfect for you.

How to do micro jobs online?

For doing micro jobs online, all you need to have is a smooth internet connection, basic computer knowledge and the basic knowledge of English. Generally these jobs mushroom several niches and types under its shell like article writing, blog commenting, creating covers for ebooks, giving likes on Facebook pages, rating videos, posting reviews online and bookmarking a website. Due to a vast plethora of options, you can easily choose any of them and start earning back at home, with neither the boss-pressure nor the stiff working hours.

micro jobs online websites

Since there are multiple of options, several micro jobs websites have come up that offer both the freelancers as well as the clients with lots of tasks and assignments. All you have to do is to sign up with any or most of these sites, start looking for job/jobs, in which lies your forte and Voila! If you too are interested in knowing about these websites that offer uncountable micro jobs online, check out the list below.

make money from fiverr with gigs and earn 5$Also known as Gigs, Fiverr is one of the most preferred websites by most of the freelancers. Offering at least $5, out of which Fiverr takes in $1 as their commission, the site provides itself as a massive platform for the freelancers. By paying through PayPal, the sole mission of the site, as said by Fiverr, is to let people create more businesses based on their hobbies.

For most of the internet marketers whose jobs centralise around writing, advertising, social media, building backlinks, SEO, logo designs, blog commenting and copy-writing, Fiverr tends to be a happening hub. You just have to make a profile and start working by offering your services. Once you start achieving the good levels which include the first level seller, second level seller and lastly the top-level seller, you shall be getting more sales.

 The average monthly pay-scale from Fiverr can definitely vary from one person to the other. but , if you actually work sincerely and hard, you can actually earn $192,000 in just 2 years just like Mike(a freelancer at fiverr). Yes, this actually has happened and it could even happen with you!

Like Fiverr, Upwork too offers a marketplace wherein you can find several micro jobs online like article writing, article proofreading, and even jobs related to computer programming like software development and and web development. Shelving more than 1 million businesses and uncountable freelancers, Upwork with its free membership and genuine platform with respect to payments, has always been a preference for most of the freelancers. Sign up with them and start offering your respective services at prices that can be most convenient for you.

Offering a vast range of micro jobs online, freelancers in Guru are called “gurus”. The website, however, follows a unique strategy and a policy of their own. Guru generally takes money from several companies who are willing to get their work done. These companies can then select freelancers as per their preferences and requirements. But the site only pays the freelancers when the respective company says that the work, thus completed, has provided complete satisfaction.

From finding and tracking to submitting the work, the website offers several facilities to its freelancers. You can also communicate with your respective client, discuss the project and finalise the payment. Guru generally charges around 5% to 10% as its commission based on your project or assignment.

How Freelancing works

Available in English, Polish and German languages, ClickWorker offers multiple micro jobs online including data entry work, writing articles and translation jobs. With over 300,000 registered users, who actually have been paid, ClickWorker pays in US dollars as well as in Euros. They generally pay via bank transfer or even through Paypal.

From $2 to even a massive $100, Zeerk lets you sell your services at almost every price. Like the other micro jobs websites, Zeerk too offers multiple categories and options, out which you can choose the most appropriate one for yourself and start earning back at home.

Apart from the above-listed sites, you can also check out the following sites#

  • MicroWorkers,
  • MinuteWorkers,
  • GigBucks,
  • Fourerr,
  • CoinWorker

Remember doing micro jobs may not suffice you in the beginning. But as you start progressing, you would not only get better with time but would also start earning big bucks. All you have to do is to work hard and most importantly, work with dedication. If you too have some more tips, share your views in the comments below.

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