The best ways to Market an Investment Property


So you’ve purchased a buy to let investment property and now you’re hoping to attract the best tenants to bring your desired rental returns? Then it’s time to really get serious about the ways you promote your property to the public. In a sea of property investors, those who want to attract the most desirable and high paying tenants should think about ways to make their property stand out.

Photograph your property to the highest standard

Dark, blurry images of a dull looking living room and tiny lifeless bathroom aren’t going to have people rushing to book a viewing. Without the right photography, you’re missing out on the chance to make a good first impression. You could try this yourself with the help of a good camera, tripod, and lighting equipment. However, if you don’t feel you have the right skills to take quality photographs, consider hiring a professional photographer who will capture your property in the right way. Before you take any photographs, make sure your property is clean and decorated to a good standard as this can affect the overall appearance of the property. For instance, instead of using a magnolia shade of paint that can look dark and unwelcoming on photographs, paint walls white which will give a more open appearance.

Utilise the power of good content

When people are reading about your property, you need to make sure the content promotes it as accurately as possible. The content you use to accompany any online listings should be descriptive and paint a good picture in the potential tenant’s mind on what it’s like to live in your property, while still staying concise and to the point. Again, if you don’t feel you have a good way with words, it might be worth hiring a content writer to help you put things into words and articulate the best qualities your property has to offer. Property investment experts, RW Invest, understand the potential behind good quality content, promoting their buy to let properties to the highest standard and using informative articles to attract new clients.

Create kerb appeal

You never know who’s going to drive past your property by chance, therefore increasing kerb appeal is always a good strategy if you want to attract more interest and create a buzz. This is easier to do if your rental property is a house, as with apartments you don’t always have much control over the exterior of the building or surrounding area. If you are able to update the exterior, consider transforming the outside by painting your front door, keeping the garden tidy and filled with displays of plants or flowers, or even re-painting or re-plastering the entire house. This way, if a potential tenant is wowed by your property and notices the sign advertising that it’s up for rent, they’ll be more likely to enquire and want to take a look at the inside of the property too.

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