5 Standard Websites for voice over jobs online


The online voice over jobs community is definitely a massive and a large one. With multiple voice over artists along with several voice over jobs online coming to the forth, the competition just grows higher and of course, bigger. The core problem in fact, is not just with the number of voice over artists already present online, making big bucks in a small period of time; but it is in fact about the genuine and standard websites that can actually help you to earn a decent income online.


All thanks to the internet for being a host of uncountable websites offering multiple voice over jobs online every now and then. You too most probably must be wondering which one can the most helpful that can actually help you to craft your voice-talent career. Fret not, here are the best 5 websites that can help you to acquire your voice over job online, easily.

5 Best Websites for Voice Over Jobs Online

1) Voices.com

Established in 2003, Voices.com lets you get engaged with a colossal global network from any part of the world. Comprising of a massive 125,000 voice talent, this site is known to have been entrusted with voice over responsibilities from giant companies and organizations like Sony PIctures, History Channel, Microsoft, Discovery Channel, Audible, ESPN, American Airlines,  Ford, Toyota, US Army and US Government. With safe online financial transactions, it caters to offering voice over jobs online to different niches like movie trailers, documentaries, cartoons, video games, business and podcasting. With 100$ as its minimum casting call payout, comprising of several calls that can pay roughly between the range of 100$-250$, Voices.com can be the precise one competitive voice over jobs market online that can actually help you make a decent living.

2) Voicebunny

Although a relatively new site, Voicebunny offers its clients with cheap and speedy turnarounds. Its rush and speed is one of the biggest features that entails its along with genuine quality. With challenging deadlines, not only Voicebunny helps you to polish your voice-over skills, but also lets you engulf in a massive market. Although it offers relatively cheaper prices, if you are approved, you can actually get paid. In short, the site is perfectly obsessed with nothing less than perfect quality, which has been the main reason behind its popularity. For beginners and amateurs, Voicebunny can be the right destination because though there can be several rejections, the site helps you to polish your voice skills only to get better.

3) Upwork

A huge freelancing market, Upwork offers multiple voice over jobs online within a click. Quite like the other freelancing sites, Upwork too offers multiple projects, having deadlines ranging between a couple of hours to even more than six months. One of the best parts of this site is the fact that it includes its voice-over artists with projects including remuneration of different ranges and of course for different niches. From voice over talent required for audiobook to even voices of eproject, Upwork offers several voice over jobs online ranging roughly around 100$ to even 900$.

4) The Voice Realm

Another top site suited best for the professional voice over artists is The Voice Realm. With more than 5000 clients, you can actually head yourself for small or large businesses, offering varying voice over jobs online. From being able to audition online, to being paid, every step is kept as professional as possible. The rates are predetermined and much unlike the other sites are based on word count. Offering multiple niches like PowerPoint Narrations, TV commercials and corporate recordings and with a fast responsive team, The Voice Realm has actually received multiple genuine good reviews from several voice over artists, thus stating it to be not just genuine but also quite deserving for the professionals.

5) Freelancer

How to be a Successful Freelancer to Make easy Money OnlineThe massive hub for most of the freelancing work, Freelancer also hits on the lead when it is about finding most apt voice over jobs online. With multiple projects entailing various deadlines, Freelancer lets you earn different amounts for every project. From as less as 27$ to even a whooping 727$, the site lets you select the most appropriate one, of course, as per your convenience. Select from several projects, including different niches and make your voice popular in no time.

The entire voice over job online community is seriously very huge, comprising of several talented artists and clients rising every now and then. However, each of these sites helps you to hone your voice over skills and craft your preferred pay scale while each of them deals with several international clients. Choose any of the above sites, grab those microphones and get started now to make your voice heard, literally!

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