Make Money with Squidoo by Writing Articles Online in an Interesting Way


It has become like a craze now days, if I talk about writing articles online for earning money. People are writing their own content and making online income through their blogs, websites or any other medium. They are also showing their snapshots of earnings. But some people are successful here and some people are not. The reason behind, they don’t have the exact knowledge about online writing platforms, which is compulsory if you want to be earned rapid money by writing contents. In this way, Squdioo is the best choice here for getting real money online.

Make Money with Squidoo by Writing Articles Online

What is Squidoo??

Squidoo is an online revenue sharing platform website with Google Page Rank 7 like HubPages . It allows you to write online articles and get paid for that. The writing articles nd making blog posts are called lenses here. According to the preferences, there are a variety of lenses from the high level to the low level. Squdioo has a very advanced CMS (Content Management System), which allows you to build lenses for according to the taste of the audience.

You can easily use different pre-defined boxes here for Text, Videos, Amazon, eBay and more on.  But it’s is also important to know that revenue sharing of Squidoo is so much different from HubPages. Squidoo has an article ranking method, which depends on your unique article style and quality.

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How Squidoo Works??

Make Money with Squidoo by Writing Articles OnlineThis is an another question which stuck on your mind, if you really want to write articles online for money. The process is so simple for the Squidoo and free also.

  • Sign Up for a free Account.
  • Create your original content on any number of subjects.
  • Content should not be Duplicate and Controversial.
  • Publish and Update your Content on Squidoo and Make your Best Lenses.
  • Last ‘more quality content you write more money with high ranking you can make easily’.

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How can you Make Money on Squidoo??

There are three ways available here for earning money on Squidoo- Make Money on Squidoo by Writing Articles Online

(1) Squidoo Ads help you to achieve monthly revenue:

Squidoo generally displays banner and text ads like Google Adsense on your lenses. There is much difference of earning prospects and calculation here from HubPages. Squidoo doesn’t calculate your earnings on CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Impression). In fact, it has a unique way to calculate your ads earning by your lenses.

  • Your lens is assigned with a lens rank which mainly depending on your lens traffic. If your lens is under the 85000 ranked lenses, then you will get paid and the rest won’t get paid.
  • Earning will also differ depending on your classification of lenses which change on the monthly basis. As Given Below-

Tier 1 = Average Lens Rank Approx. 1 – 2,000
Tier 2 = Average Lens Rank Approx. 2,001 – 10,000
Tier 3 = Average Lens Rank Approx. 10,001 – 85,000

  • Important point is that after two months of your earnings, you will get paid.

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(2) Amazon and eBay play a vital role in earnings:

You can easily earn money with Squdioo by showing the modules of Amazon and eBay within you lens. As we all know Amazon and eBay are top ranked brands all over the world. Hence you will get paid the commission for each sale, which is coming from your lenses.

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(3) Affiliate Marketing is the Key thing to earn money from Squidoo:

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money, if you are not earning enough form two supported sources. You can easily include your affiliate links to sell products according to your preference. It is the key thing for earning money now days on any network. In this way, Amazon Affiliate program is the world famous for making money.  

How you execute yourself for making money with Squidoo Lenses??

Execution is so simple and easy for making money on Squidoo Lenses. Just you need to give you time and quality skills to your article with perfect manner of presentation and you are done here. But it’s my individual thinking that if you are not making enough money to pay the bills then drop out the idea of writing articles on Squidoo. You can easily write from 25 to 100 articles on any paid platform. You can also decide the time duration yourself according to your abilities and get revenue. After getting this money, you can make it double or more by using Squidoo platform. You can comfortably get many thousands of dollars here. You can receive your payment by checks, PayPal or by any other method.

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Some Cardinal Tips for Making Money with Squidoo Lenses:

Choose a Perfect Niche according to Top Rated Lenses(1) Choose a Perfect Niche according to Top Rated Lenses:

This is very important factor, when you are working on Squidoo for generating some revenue. It is a place for original and hard working writers, who put their maximum effort for making top rated lenses. In this way, if you choose a perfect niche according to the demand of an audience, then it will be automatically become one of the Best Rated Lenses. Just you have to put some original efforts here. As much you research about your niche, as much you can earn positively from Squidoo.


(2) Write Quality Content for Best Rankings:

Write Quality Content for Best RankingsThis is again a top rated formula for acquire best rankings in Squidoo. It totally depends on your Quality Writing, Research Material, Presentation Manner and Audience Overview. It’s true that if you write original and quality content, you can grab any best ranking by improving your lenses. But the fact is that relevancy of content should be higher. What you are writing & what you are presenting for taste of Audience are main things. Quality will maintain automatically, when you will know the taste of visitors.


(3) Consider yourself as an Experimental Person in a Keyword Research:

Consider yourself as an Experimental Person in a Keyword ResearchThere is nothing in the world for works for ever. Your each experiment won’t produce the same results. You must generate new patterns and new experiments every time, when you will write any quality content. If you do this with Keyword Research, then definitely your keywords with your contents will soon rank higher in the web-market. Hence it increases your productivity and value of lenses, which definitely give you the optimum income. So “Try to search and search, Get the much and much”


(4) Provide Readers Maximum Information at a Single Platform Intelligently:

Provide Readers Maximum Information at a Single Time IntelligentlyIt generally not an easy task to do, where you are providing your readers all the information at a single platform. You have to focus on individual topic, if you want to do that. You can easily provide extra information to your readers at a single time. You can choose internal and external links to hook the visitors. It will also improve your user appearance, and lenses with earnings. Generally many of us do this mistake and change the niche again and again for improving quality of lenses. I am not saying that it won’t improve the lenses. But relevancy and consistency factors work here. If you are consistence in you different niche then it’s awesome, but if you are not then try to forget about changing niche.


(5) Promote Your Lenses on Social Media:

Promote Your Lenses on Social MediaIt is most valuable factor, if we talk about authority of a person. If you promote your lenses consistently on Social Media, then no doubt, it will improve your Authority factor. You can also become an authorized personality in that particular sector or region. People will hire you for solving their problems in that region. You can choose Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, You-Tube and LinkedIn for promoting your lenses.


(6) Keep Patience and Wait for the Positive Results:

Keep Patience and Wait for the Positive ResultsAs I always discuss this point because it is a main formula for working on any platform in life. Platforms are like a way, where you have to perform by your mental & physical power. But here you have to perform by showing your Calmness and Coolness powers, that how much you can bear anything at particular level!! Generally a Person loose his all capability power after getting unsuccessful in this writing sector. And after that he lost from the world also. Being a human being, you are not supposed to do that. You can try to convert your negative into the positive outputs by keeping patience. So try to keep patience and wait for the positive results.  


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Is it easy to rank on Squidoo by making healthy income??

As you all know that earn money with online articles, is not the piece of cake, because it’s quite difficult to rank on the preferable subject for the type of the audience. The situation becomes more difficult, if we see the recent search engine updates about website ranking prospects. In this way, Squidoo provides a comfortable solution for you to rank on your favourite topics. Yeah! it’s easy to make money with Squidoo in the Internet World. Just you have to show your skilled articles with the genuine information and favourite keywords. And it will be done.  

Recent Recommendation and Updates by Squidoo:

Squidoo team always work to improve the website quality and CMS system. Recently they have update their CMS and Span filtration system according to the formulae of Google Search Engine updates. It is surely a big achievement for the Squdioo team. They are trying to make their website a better place by marking many of lenses as spam and moving to lens masters. But they can give the options of correction instead of shifting lenses. Squidoo is also giving a general guidance for this purpose. Hence, once your lens is marked as spam,there is no chance to recover that. It’s over. Generally it’s used to be a great place, but the fact is once your hard work is marked as spam without giving you a single chance for improving it, then what is the use of your hard work!! The question remains constant.


Earning Money from Internet is so easy, if you do this positively. In this way, Squidoo is like a gold medal for those who have already a well established blog and know all the quality skills for writing an excellent content. They can easily create their network for driving their traffic from one side to another side. It doesn’t mean that without having a blog you can’t use it. Squdioo is a platform for genuine writers who earn a gentle revenue with their lenses. You can also do the same by putting your energy and hard working here, but also beware from copy contents.

Share your opinions about Earning Money from Squidoo..!! What do you feel about this Online Money Making Platform??


  1. Avatar of Qasim
    Qasim says

    Hi Vivek,

    It’s really the best place to make money online writing content. I used to make 50+$ on monthly basis with little effort, I wan’t much focus on it but at least it made me more than 600$ in total. However now and after there latest update it’s becoming harder to maintain your lens there; as they started to make a lot of lenses as spam lenses without giving us the chance to correct it. Thanks for sharing this great review on Squidoo.

  2. Avatar of Vivek Jain
    Vivek Jain says

    Hi Qasim,
    Nice to hear about that, you are earning a handsome income by writing contents.
    It’s a great example for all those, who generally say “Blogging is only the waste of time”!
    It’s nice to see that you are well positive about Squidoo and all this type of online writing platforms.
    Thanks again for commenting here brother.. 🙂

  3. Avatar of Arun
    Arun says

    Hi friend…I want to ask you, is there any websites exists on internet where we can earn decent money through writing articles in Hindi or in Marathi. pls suggest me such websites if exists on net. I also want to earn money through writing articles or blog…..but…my problem is my english is not so good…i can understand english but cant write or speak it fluently… so pls give some tips for people like me how we can earn money online ?

    Thank you…

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain says

      Hello! Arun Kamble..
      You can try freelancer websites to solve out your this language problem.
      There are many services available for you in elance, odesk etc..
      You can check out this link to know more about freelancer websites:

  4. Avatar of Maximum Proxies
    Maximum Proxies says

    What’s up to all, as I am in fact eager of reading this website’s post to be updated daily.

    It consists of nice material.

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