6 Superb Ways to Make Money with Programming Skills


As the business of IT is developing in the world, value of programming skills is increasing continuously. In this way, there is a lot of opportunities coming in the Internet World for earning online money. People are making money from online programming easily and spending their life comfortably. And it is also interesting that most of the sources are capable here to give you a handsome income. But the question is that how these all things are possible?? In this blog post, you will find all possible ways of getting income from programming skills!!

Programming Jobs Online

What is Programming??

Programming is known as the writing source codes for computer programs. It can be also said as computer programming, where you design a component or something similar thing from the output of creating a well-executed program.

According to the definition of Wikipedia, Programming is the comprehensive process that leads from an original formulation of a computing problem to an executable problem.

According to the definition of cplus.about.com, programming is a creative process, which is done by programmers to instruct a computer on how to do a task.

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6 Best ways for Programmers to Make Money with Programming:

6 Superb Ways to Make Money with Programming Skills

(1) Freelancing- a good way to earn money with programming

#Concept of Freelancing:

The concept of Freelancing is very new, if we talk about Freelancing deeply. Generally freelancing term is introduced as Freelancer, Freelance worker, or Freelance. A freelancer is a self-employed person (works at home for the money), who is not committed with any other long term business or agency or something else. (According to Wikipedia).

#Famous Freelancing Websites:

There are a lot of websites in the market which provide you best freelance jobs in programming for earning home income. They provide you a project and decide a comfortable date for completing it. If you complete the task in time, you will get paid. For working as a freelancer, just you have to sign up by creating your profile type. Your skills are the key thing here to make money. Some freelancing websites are here for serving your programming purpose-

So many people are depended on these freelancing websites or want to become a successful freelancer and they have their own interesting reasons to work as a freelance programmer.Remember, as you generate more and more revenue, it may be necessary to report the income on your annual tax report. Therefore, it might be wise to search for an online system for tax preparing to account for this If you want to check short descriptions about some of these freelancing sites then,

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#Reason behind working as a Freelancer:

  • The working schedule is flexible. You can do your work anytime, according to your preferences. You would not be forced here to work.
  • Once you build a good reputation, you can earn unlimited income from here (depending on your type of work also).
  • Whatever the field is, you can find all type of expertise and interested people here.
  • You can easily maintain the relation with your client by doing appropriate interaction. It can also be a long term work relationship.
  • You can do affiliates also with freelancing websites, where you can refer people for freelancing and earn easy money with that.

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(2) Starting of a Personal Website in Programming Way

This is another great way of earning money with programming. You can make your own website and share your programming ideas with suitable tricks and tips. It can also be a blog website. If you are more talented then you can start you own social networking site, but you must have a unique idea with a mind blowing design to do that, because there are a lot of competition in social networking market. In this way, you can make yourself a Brand among all famous programmers. On the other way, you can also share your portfolios inside your website for attracting the visitors and easily earn with Google Adsense.

#What type of all income you can generate here??

  1. Online Services
  2. Online Consultation
  3. Google Adsense
  4. Advertisements

If you are freshly starting your website or blog then you should spend some time to read these articles-

(3) Develop Games and Make Money:

Game developing is a department, where a lot of programmers come and make money with that. If you also got this type of unique talent, then you can try your luck here to earn a decent income from it. It also depends on your taste and interest inparticular field.

Scopes which are available in Game Development:

  1. You can develop your own games and sell it on half.ebay.com and Amazon.com. Xbox games are preferable choices here for buying and selling.
  2. You can easily develop Android/IOS games and sell them in the market.
  3. You can make your own online game and earn money with Google Adsense here.
  4. You can sell your games online on Fupa.com, which provides you a great opportunity to get money.

(4) Develop a Trendy Application and Make Money with it

It’s not a hard work for a programmer to develop a trendy application and sell that in the market. You can also do that by selecting application development sources. There are various media present on the internet world for making this process easy. May be you have to wait for a long time to generate money here or May be you become million dollar man in just a few days, it all depends on your quality of the application. It is also possible that you have created quality app, but taste of the audience is different. So you should also consider about taste of the audience. In this way, you can sell your application in the market at a good price.

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(5) Take a Part in Programming Contests

It’s a well famous and growing way for earning income with programming. You can participate in different programming contests and make money there. There are various types of website available in the market, where you complete your profile and complete the contests for making money.

Some Legal Websites for taking part in programming contests:

Surely it’s a great way to earn a decent income, and it is a good learning process too.

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(6) Give Advertisements in Business Listing Directories

If you are a PHP Programmer or Java Programmer then it can be a classic way for getting money with programming skills. You can advertise about yourself in free business listing directories as a freelance work or something else according to your skills. Hence, Clients hire you for solving their programming problems here. You can advertise in-

In this way, you can easily make profitable bucks per day. So if you are a good programmer, Don’t miss the opportunity to earn money with Internet Programming.

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Making Money through Programming is not a complicated way. Just you have to show your quality skills, positive attitude and smart working here. If you are a good programmer, who knows little about programming, then also you can take a chance here & get rewards. It’s a common opportunity to make money for each and every person, whether he/she is a programmer or not, doesn’t matter. So try your luck here with optimistic opinion.

Share your opinions about making money with programming. Are you really a successful programmer??

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    Hi Vivek,

    Making money online as an programmer is a great way, internet has really open the doors for programmers and developers to show their skills and make money online from creating plugins, themes or any other websites. You have really added a great list of resources to where programmers can make money online. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
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      Hi Qasim,
      I always wait for your interesting comment here. 🙂
      Yeah! you are absolutely right, Internet has opened lots of chances for programmers and developers to show their quality skills.
      In this way, people don’t have to work in 9am to 9pm shifts in offices. They can easily do their work at home and spend their precious time with family members.
      Thanks for appreciating for my small effort.. 🙂

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    it’s good to see that you are a freelancer apps developer on .net.
    It’s my natural work to provide original information at a right time, when it is in demand.
    Nice to see your positive views about making money from Programming.
    Keep visiting here for more fantastic money making ideas. 🙂

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