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make money on youtube 5 best ways to earn money Can You Make Money on YouTube?

The question seems to be a fascinating one,if you are a Internet geek or want to earn some good money from the World’s largest Company Google.The answer to this question is Yes You Can!!Loads of people are earning a good amount of money from YouTube.A popular YouTube star Philip Defranco makes an average of 181,000 $ per year from YouTube.Various other illustrations are also out there.But a question arises whether  you as a  person with not much advance knowledge of any photography or Video Editing and might not have a single buck to spend can make money on YouTube or not?And the answer again is Yes You can!You Will
Precisely you will make money from YouTube in the same as one earns from a website or Blog.The ads are displayed on the videos you upload and you will get paid according to no. of clicks on that advertisement and the total no.of views on you Videos,The basic pay Per click Advertising Program.We frequently use the term Channel  which is described as the home page of your YouTube account which includes it’s name,the account type and the public videos you have uploaded.

What i had prepared an very easy Step by Step Guide that completely helps you to examine how you can Make Money on YouTube Videos and helps you to make easy money Online.

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Make Money on YouTube : 5 Steps

make money on youtube with youtube partner program to earn

1. Create a YouTube Account:

The very Basic step regarding the online money generation from YouTube is to setup and build a new YouTube account.This you can do with your existing Gmail account or you can create a new  one.I recommend you to create a new account  as it will be very helpful in future to track all your YouTube Channel activities.With this account you just sign in on YouTube.

Top Tips:

-> Select the type of account which best suits to your Profession.

->Doesn’t keep changing your account.Fixed with only one.It will help you.

->Choose a small,eye catching,easy to remember Username.It will help to gain more Subscribers.And in future this will become your Brand Name.So give it some time to choose the best.

2. Upload Video Content

How Much Money you will make on YouTube depends primarily on the Quality of Content you provide.And it is not only in the case of YouTube,If you want to get Online Income it is Content that always help you get paid off.As you have to select a category for your Channel,You must initially plan the  type of Videos you gonna create for your Channel.Your YouTube Channel niche maybe Music,Arts,Science or anything in which you have a good Knowledge and want to share it with others.

Top Tips:

-> The Videos you Upload should be of Good quality and neither too large nor too small.

->  Uploading Videos on regular basis is very helpful to grab your Subscribers.The Chances of Getting Approved for YouTube Partner Program’s that is the source to make money on YouTube will be more if you Upload a new video on every single day instead of Uploading 2-3 Videos in couple of weeks.The more regularly and Frequently you Upload new Videos,the Probability of making money on YouTube increases.

->Fix out that you don’t add videos in your YouTube Channel which are Copyrighted or belong to playlist of another YouTube user’s.No one can fake Google.So i personally advice you to not upload even a single video on your channel that already exists on YouTube.

-> Improve your Videos by using high quality Camera or better editing Software or techniques.At first you might not excel ,but try to make each video better than last.

->You should also pay key emphasis on Titles of your Videos.Try to make them simpler

3. Increase Your Viewers on YouTube

If you are Planning to make money on YouTube,then you should definitely pay special attention to increase your audience.As How much you make money on YouTube is directly proportional to no. of views on all your Videos.Even the Best Content needs Some promotion.Promote your Videos all over on Internet.Share it on Social Media.I’m not suggesting you the exact figures but for approval of application you need some decent traffic on your YouTube Channel.

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Top Tips:

-> Connect your YouTube Channel with  Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus to automatically post your Videos to multiple accounts once it’s Uploaded.

-> You can even start a blog or Website to post your videos there.

4. How to Make Money on YouTube : 3 ways

make money on youtube partner program google adsense

4A.  Apply for YouTube Partner Program

After you have maintained good quality and quantity of Uploaded Videos on your Channel and when you are all set  to make money on YouTube,then you should move towards the next important step and apply for YouTube Partner Program.You must also read carefully all the guidelines of Program and make sure that you doesn’t violate any of them.

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When you are done with  reviewing your applications and verified with YouTube Partner program then you have to setup a Google Adsense account through which all your future  payments and transactions are carried.A point to remember,Google Adsense account is only given to people above 18 years.If you’r not,try to think an alternative(Your father may help).

Top Tips:

->If YouTube rejects your application for any reason,then you will not be able to apply for Program again for 2 months.

-> With the increasing no. of applications on YouTube,it might take up to 2 weeks to review your Application.So be Patient


make money

4B. Already have an Adsense Account

If you are already the lucky one who have an active Adsense account,then it is very easy for you to use your account on your YouTube Channel and start earning some additional money.You just have to link this Adsense account with your Channel and verify your Ownership.

4C. Earn with a Single Video

A much rare way to make  money on YouTube.Suppose one of your videos becomes viral,then there is a chance that you might receive an email form YouTube quoting “Apply for Revenue Sharing for your Video(Video title)”.If Approved,then there is a chance you earn money from the videos specified in the email.

5. Your future Preserves with your Patience

make money on youtube and earn video money needs timeMaking Money is never easy and never it will b, even it is to make money from Blog/Website or to make Money on YouTube.Patience and Hard work is always required.I fear that it if you lack in any of the above qualities than it is very difficult to make Online Income.The road to make money on YouTube is not smooth.It requires plenty of your precious time and luck.But once you get started earning,then you are also one of among the Million Dollars people.Initial earning might be not good but after couple of months you receive a handsome money from Google.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you find difficulty in any of the above points or just not able to Make Money on YouTube with these suggestions, kindly Share your concerns with us in our comments section Below.

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