Make Money From Apps:Build a New App or Earn from Existing


make-money-from-apps-apps-that-make-you-moneyHow to Make Money From Apps of Smartphones? If you are a Smartphone User then you definitely had struck with this Question that how these Apps(Android or iphone)which you use in your everyday life makes money.As the “Smartphone Netizens” are increasing day by day many companies,Organisations,Websites and online shops are building their Apps to provide their users more reliability and flexibility while purchasing their products.

A recent headlines which drive me crazy is that a 17 year old App Designer Nick D’Aloisio Sell his app “Summly” to Yahoo for an estimated of £ 18m.

Without Apps the Smartphone is simply a device to call or text.Just imagine that situation when you don’t have Internet connection on laptop. Analysing the great demand of ios and Android market among people, I finally came up with an idea why not to build a new app and make money from it.

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So, What i discuss here is a complete guide for  How to make money from your app that you had build with your great idea and the Top Apps that make you money Easily by using them.These are the  two major Categories on which our Tutorial of “Make Money From Apps” would focus on.

make money from apps make money from app

Make Money From Apps

1. Build Your Own App

2. Earn From Other Apps

How to Make Money From your App:

If you had already published your app then skip this para.

If you are planning to make a new app,then the most important thing which leads you to earn good money is the ” Unique idea “on which  you build a app.Just analyse how your App will simplify the common people life.Be very careful that it already doesn’t exist.And just forget about the code or programming knowledge.Their are many Companies and App designers that will code for your Wonderful idea.Just Google it.

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Once you had developed your app(Android or iphone),submit it to the app Store for iphone apps or Google play Store for Android apps.

2 ways through which you can Make Money with your App

  • Make Your App Paid

If you want to make your App paid then you will get money according to the no. of downloads of your App

  • Make your App Free and Earn from Advertising

This is one of the popular method to make money from Apps.Google offers it’s own advertising program known as Admob which is so called mobile version of Google Adsense.

You can also choose Direct Advertisers if your Apps receive good Stats.But this you have to do manually,you can contact them and set  the pricing model accordingly.

5 Top Apps that Make You Money

1. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is a free iphone and Android app that notifies it’s user if any gigs or tasks are available in their area.A typical gig may be of    price checking ,testing apps or collecting data.More the gigs is completed by user ,more he/she will be paid.

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2. Check Point

Checkpoint is a popular Smartphone user that provides it’s user to earn points by going to various stores as of electronics,pharmacies etc and scan certain products that helps to gain points and one can easily make money from Apps.

3. GymPact

Gympact is an app that make you money and also take care of your health.Every week users set a workout schedule (Gym time) for the next 7 days.If they missed that schedule then they have to pay varying from 3$-5$ and this amount is distributed among users that follow their schedule.

4. Mylikes

MyLikes is a type of Endorsements Program,where you have to create a endorsement for a particular product and share it on Social Media sites like Facebook.Twitter and Google Plus.

5. FieldAgent

If you are task oriented geek and want to make money from Apps,then FieldAgent is the best choice to put on.A task is provided and you have to complete it within a specific time limit.

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    pratik says

    can you please clear me that how can I find coders to code my idea
    I googled but nothing found
    is there is any direct site or individuals
    thanks for post

    1. Avatar of Vipul Jain
      Vipul Jain says

      You can browse or Also if you need assistance you can mail us your requirements. We will see what we can do

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