5 Best Sites to List & Online Advertise Local Business in India


Business specifically related to a particular city- The basic definition of local Business, which we all know very well. Thousands of competitors are attached with every new Business you start. But which one grabs the most number of leads and highly profitable simply can’t be calculated. Research has shown that the brand which is much popular online, seems to grow much faster as compared to  others.

Online Advertisement is the most recent trend that is prevailing in India. Many Businesses have now shifted there marketing strategies towards Internet and loads of money are  invested in it. Each local(for specific city) Business initially find hard to get new sales and waste huge money promoting here and their. Following the trend which your father or Grand father has used will never succeed you and definitely you need to update yourself with the recent changes.

The list which I have made for Listing any Local Business in India includes both paid and free Websites. You may have accessed some of them, but I bet you have not tried all. So grab it

Expand Local Business in India with these Sites

#1 Google Places for Business:

google places to list and online advertise local business in indiaThe Biggest  and widest reach audience which anyone can get for free for their local business is Google. Just assume how many Customers you will get when someone types Best restaurants in Jaipur and your result comes on the top of Google.

Google provides 3 resources which a local Business can use it easily to expand Business online. 95% of local Business owners doesn’t know a dime about it, and if your implementing it than you are way ahead. These are Data Highlighter, Google Places and local Business Center. You have to simply register at Places for Business and verify your location, and you are done.

Note: If you run a Website for any local Business in India and some of your pages appear on the first page (Search Engine optimization), then you will generate the most trusted Customers among others.

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#2 JustDiallisting and online advertising local business in india with justdial.com

JustDial. com is the most emerging and popularly used website used by the local people. Users have to just dial a toll free number and tell the respective human operator about the type of service they want. And they will get an email or text alert about the location of the service provider. Justdial covers almost all the major cities and have the largest database of services under them. For Business Owners this is a goldmine opportunity to find new customers. Although they initially provide a free service to Business owners, but You have to pay a decent amount of money in order to rank on top.

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#3listing and online advertising local business in india with Sulekha.com Sulekha

Sulekha.com is one of the largest listing Business site in India which has nearly 25 million unique visitors per month. It provides it’s services broadly in Local Search, Classifieds, Ecommerce services. Founded by Satya Prabhakar, Sulekha.om provides almost all types of Services including Food, Lifestyle, Health, Education and other essential needs. Both free and Paid membership are available for the type of advertisement you wan to run on their website.


#4 Yellowpages

As the name suggest, yellowpages.co.in  is the most lucrative Indian Business Directory where you can find B2B (Business to Business) and B2C(Business to Customers) Services available in a particular city. Although the growth graph of the site has moved downwards, still it is frequently accessed by the Indian Business owners to capture some great deals. You can start with it by clicking here


#5 Facebook Fan Page:facebook fan page to list and online advertise local business in india

We all know the power of Facebook. No one can compete that, since all type of Indian citizens belonging to different age group, sex, region and Businesses are available their. And I assume you as a local business owner also has created a fan Page for it. It’s good, It’s perfect but that is not enough. The thing in which you are lacking to grow your Business is that you are not investing your time to design a perfect Fan Page.

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You must update your page daily with information regarding to your industry. And the most important part to promote local Business is to start Facebook Advertising. Although it may cost you, but ROI(Return on Investment) is much greater than you have imagined.


As the growth of Internet in India is on cloud nine, there are much more chances to get new customers online as compared to traditional marketing with the use of  Pamphlets. Additionally the invested amount on Online Advertisement is much lesser as compared to Banner Ads. Listing any local Business in India on these site has helped many Businesses to grow and expand. So if you have not started with these sites than it’s better you should plan for it and decide a Budget with your team   .

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    Adoak is Free business listing directory, a indian local search engine, which provides
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    of manufacture, exporter and many more.

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