How to Kit Out your Small Business on a Budget


Small business owners typically start out on a very small budget, and entrepreneurs have to learn early on how to stretch their dollars as far as possible. When establishing an office, every dollar invested should go to the most useful things, like furniture which should support each employee. With NYC’s office space rental prices, it can be easy to find something that suits the needs of your company while still having some of your budget left over to decorate. Making the interior of your office as pleasant as possible will allow everyone to work in a positive atmosphere, improving efficiency.

business on a budget How to Kit Out your Small Business on a Budget

Figure Out What You Really Need

Before spending a dime, you’ll need to make a list of the things you require. In general, small business owners need the following types of goods to start a business: premises, furniture, technology (hardware and software), large equipment, legal infrastructure in the form of business licenses and registration, office supplies, and inventory. As you’re making your list,

identify which items you need in order to start right away and which purchases can be postponed until you’ve had a chance to take in some money.

How To Save On Space

Certain types of business can start without having to rent or buy commercial real estate. For example, business owners who provide a service, like lawn care or private tutoring, can work at their clients’ homes or places of business and store their equipment on their personal property. Similarly, even if you plan to open a brick-and-mortar business, you can start with e-commerce only and store your products at home or in a cheap storage facility.

Another way some businesses save money on space is to share it with another business. For example, a coffee shop startup might share space with a local bookstore. Also, check to see if there isco-working space available in your community.

How To Save On Equipment

One way to save money on big purchases is to try bartering.  For example, if you only use a certain tool or vehicle occasionally, you may be able to borrow it from another business owner by offering your services in return.

Another way to save money on equipment is to buy it at an auction. Both on-site and online auctions provide access to a wide array of brands and equipment types, which are often sold for much less than their retail price. Some auctions even offer financing and leasing options. To see an example of an online auction that features a variety of large equipment, visit equifyauctions.

How To Save On Software

Having the right software can be a key to success for a small business, but purchasing off-the-shelf software is not the most budget-friendly option. Most experts nowadays recommend using cloud-based software that can be purchased on a subscription-per-user basis. You can start out with free software, like Google’s email, calendar, and file-sharing system, and then upgrade to a different product when your needs change.

Using cloud-based software for accounting and business management not only saves money on the need for hardware and software upgrades, but it also provides an extra level of security for your data. Some other benefits include increased flexibility and more opportunities for collaboration.

Starting a new business is a challenge for any entrepreneur, and finances are likely to be a struggle for the first few years. If you can stay vigilant about keeping your expenses to a minimum, in time, the effort will pay off.

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