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sell website online

Selling a website is an exciting monetizing venture. The ocean of internet is big and you need to sail in the right direction in order to get an elusive booty. As a webmaster, a website flipper or a complete beginner, the key thing is to find the right buyer who is willing to buy your website. You need to understand the nuts and bolts of making money online by selling websites. There are two common ways to sell a website-

  • Create a website from scratch and then sell it
  • Buy already online site, popularize it and sell it

Set your budget for business

In order to start your website flipping, you need to set a budget to set up a website first. Even when you want to create a website, you need to have a budget for setting your own website. In order to popularize an existing website, you need to perform website SEO and market it. Setting a budget is a crucial point when you are looking to sell website online. This depends largely on how much money you are willing put into this business. You can start your website business with a low as $500 and increase accordingly as per your budget constraint.

website budget

The main question arise “What if you don’t have any money to spend”, “Can I still venture into website flipping business”, Where can I get information about How to sell a website? Yes you can start your own websites flipping business by building a website from scratch and flip it. But you need to understand that it will take time to set up an organized optimized website by targeting on creating quality web content, target traffic to a website, build backlinks, target keywords and do all necessary Search engine optimization in order to improve traffic on your website and make it a profitable one.

In order words, you need to cook a delicious cake that will be tempting for people to taste. In an analogy, it is more like preparing a website for selling purpose by making it as much profitable as possible. You may also need strong marketing skills to sell from scratch.

Decide on the Type of Website you want to develop and sell?

In which area you are passionate to work? Do you want to sell a website online or a blog of specific description? There are various established websites up for sale in an auction marketplace. You can visit Google AdSense monetized websites, check out online forums, membership sites, e-book selling etc.

Start your own diligence search for a specific website or blog of your interest and see if there is a possibility of buying it and you may come up with competitive bidding. You can start buying a website from It is a great marketplace for beginners. if you find a prospective website, you can buy it on Flippa, develop it, popularize it , market it and then sell it at much higher price.

buy or sell using flippa

Things to remember before selling website Online?

1. Commission Cost of broker or marketplace where you want to sell website

2. After sales support after selling a website

3. Check statistics and Analyze historic traffic & website revenue

4. Negotiate: Set a reasonable price to sell

Know How to evaluate website worth?

Well, this is one of the tricky questions that most people think about. Many people don’t know how to sell a website mainly because they are unsure about how much their website worth? In order to sell your website at arm’s length transaction, you need to have detailed picture about how much to sell your website in an open market on valuation indices.

Basically, a website worth is calculated by below factors mainly:

  1. Average sales
  2. Overall Revenue generated
  3. Traffic value
  4. Engineering cost
  5. Number of customers/subscribers

For this, you need to have an idea about how much is your website worth. You can start keeping a record of your website activity long before selling. This may include keeping a record of traffic sources, website income; overall till date profit, investment and time it took to maintain your website and so on.

One of the easiest ways to calculate website worth is by multiplying month net profits. For example, if a website is making about $100 per month for 4 months consistently then you can flip the website between $1000- $1200 as an estimate of 5-10 months advance profit paid by the seller.

You can also use a model for website cost estimation known as Cost per Click (CPC). This model determines how much to sell your website if it is not making money online at the moment. However, all these methods are purely subjective in nature and depend on the value posed by a potential buyer or estimated value in online auctioning.

Where and How to Sell Your Website Online?

You have various platforms available online where you can plan to sell website online. Some of the popular methods mentioned below.

  • Social media solutions
  • Online auctions
  • Secondary domain markets
  • Online portals

The best way to sell your website is by creating a web page with all the necessary details about how much you money you intend to sell your website and also leave your contact information so that prospective clients can approach you. It is about having creativity about buying or selling a website in the target market and get the desired flippers. You can also turn your social media accounts into a profitable business. With social media selling, anyone can become online seller without having to invest into a website or give cuts to online auctions or marketplaces.

Top Website Brokers for selling website online?

Final Words

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selling website online but it surely it is a prospective venture and can give you great benefits and help you make money online by sitting at home. Start your own venture today and get into the world of website flipping business.

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