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Today’s modernist world is widening the opportunities to earn money in our life at any age. The power of social media and its influence is getting intense day by day. Now, the benefits of using social media has been diversified. The use of social media is now commercialized and when we talk about the commercialization of the internet and something related to earn money through social media, one big name come across our mind and i.e. Yahoo! Voices.

Learn How to make Money With Social Media

make money with yahoo voices

Yahoo! Voices, earlier known as Yahoo! Contributor Network or Associated Content, is one of the advisable sites to write for. You don’t require any new or special skill to get benefited from the Yahoo! Voices. All you need to do is what you are doing on social media just for fun. By this, I mean sharing your feelings, experiences & knowledge with the online audience, but now for money. Although this would require a little bit of a smartness because when you are writing for Yahoo! Voices you need to impress your audience.
Now the question arises, Why Yahoo! Voices? Actually, The major concern related to writing for an online audience is finding a valuable place to spend your time. One such worthwhile place that could be a nice part-time job is writing for Yahoo Voices. Here you are free to write about anything you want to write about, or you can write articles about the topics requested by the Yahoo Voices. Your contents are reviewed to avoid spam and non-sense articles.

How Yahoo Voices pays his writers?

Regarding the Yahoo! Voices pay, the writers are paid either via fixed amount or performance payment which is based on writer’s “performance views”, which means each writer will be paid in accordance to the number of times a person read his content. There are certain levels for you when you are writing for Yahoo! Voices. The base rate of Performance Payments is $1.50 for every 1000 page views, and this could be $2.00 when you have more content and receiving more traffic.

With the fixed amount option, the writers are offered a particular sum after review their article and then they acquire all the rights to delete the article or share it with their approved partners.

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If you want to go with fixed payment option, then there will be no any issues. You’ll be paid via PayPal in a couple of days. But what if you have decided to go with performance payment option which is a good opportunity to earn more than your expectations. In this case, you as a writer need to work smarter for the obvious reason to increase traffic on your post. So that, you could increase performance views of your article. In this option, you’ll be paid only performance payment after every 6 months.

How do Writers can increase the traffic to their article?

There are a number of ways to increase traffic to your article. Among all those ways few are discussed below-
• Share your article. Once you have published your article, you must share it with different people. The best way of doing this is through social media, i.e. sharing your article via Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking sites with your friends, followers and other contacts.

• Make your own audience. A writer is supposed to think carefully about the topic of his writings. Whatever you are writing it should look appealing to the intended audience. You are not supposed to dishearten your readers with what you have presented to them.
• Follow other Writers. This is another way to increase traffic to your article by following other writers on Yahoo! Voices who are writing about the topics of your interests. So that you can get regular emails from them about their latest writings. You can also put a link of your own articles on the other sites you wrote on.
• Yahoo! Learning. Writers can also go through the online learning courses provided by Yahoo! Voices which helps you to write better contents so that you can attract the visitor’s eye to your article.

With the hope that this article gave you enough knowledge about How to make money with Yahoo Voices. Here, I wish you all the best. Go ahead! Enjoy your writings and start earning with Yahoo Voices. Start Now with Yahoo Voices

Good Luck!

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    can i earn money on yahoo voices in india?

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      Definitely you can earn money with it in India

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