How to Make Money with SEO in 2014: A must read for SEO Enthusiasts


SEO, the most trending and complicated technique  of the year 2013, as quoted by the professionals. Google’s unimaginable changes in it’s algorithms that includes Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird Updates and a complete different parameters to assign Pagerank to a Website is what it has made so. Most of the Quality sites has hit with it including “Shoutmeloud” whose PR has dropped from 6 to 3. Although my site has got some positive affects and now i have PR1 blog, thanks to Google.

make money with seo in 2014If you have SEO in your blood, than definitely you will agree with me about these drastic events. But everything what i have told you above has just passed from your head, than don’t worry as this is the guide i have made for both Beginners and Experts.

SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization is a technique which Website owners use to rank their website on the top of the search Engines like Google. It includes researching for a keyword, promoting content to social media and everything in between them. If you want to learn SEO from the scratch, than you must read .

One additional guide to Expertise in SEO  that I must recommend you  is written by Neil Patel- one of the finest SEO expert in the World and which i learned a lot is

8 marketing Tactics you never Learn from Neil Patel

Before thinking about making money with SEO, you must read these guides thoroughly and repeatedly. And now I will discuss with you the different methods, approaches and techniques you can use to make Quality income with SEO in 2014.

4 Ways to Make Money with SEO

#1 Starting a Blog or Website.make money with seo in 2014

The very first thing that every SEO man will do is to implement whatever he/she knows practically. This is can be achieved with a help of a blog or website. If you are a blogger or site owner than you very well know the importance of SEO. Not only search Engine optimization technique will bring a tons of traffic to your site, but also it will build a reputation of you and your site online.

Complete Guide on how to Make Money with a Blog

The amount of money that a site can generate is directly proportional to amount of traffic it receives. Optimizing WordPress blogs are easier but if you are also successful to rank a dynamic website on first page of google than lots of income sources will approach you.

Google Adsense, Direct Sponsors, Selling Products and writing Reviews are the top Sources which Webmasters generally use to generate 6 figure income and you can opt to make money with SEO.

#2 Team Up and start a SEO Company

make money by starting a search engine optimization companySitting on a chair, having a private cabin, no boss and unlimited money is everyone’s dream but is not accomplished by many. But if you are passionate to start your own Business, than Investing in Internet Marketing is the best deal(Infrastructure cost is very less, no paperwork, no labour). You can contact your fellow bloggers, designers, seo experts which lives in your city and plan to arrange a meeting. Discuss with them your future intentions and you can easily spot the people with the same mid set like yours. Not everyone will come forward for this(Because it’s a daring task), but 2 people alone can realize the World what they are capable of.

You can offer your services for Content writing, Facebook Advertising, Link Building, Designing a Website etc.

#3 Start Freelancing

Earn money online by seo with freelancingSEO is a job that can be done just by sitting at home and could generate much greater Income as compared to normal IT jobs. If you just don’t want a headache of running a blog or starting your own company(since both will take time to make money) and want to generate instant income, than you must opt for freelancing sites.

Seoclerks and freelancer are the 2 most popular sites where an SEO expert can find new projects and is paid much better for his/her skills. Writing Content, Reviews, Building Links, Designing logos, Boost SER’s, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, driving traffic are the most popular tasks that are assigned to Freelancers. You can opt which suits you best and can publish your offer on these 2 sites.

Learn more: how to make money with Seoclerks by selling your skills

6 superb ways to make money with your programming skills

#4 Grab the opportunity Knocking at your doorsteps

make money with seoTheir is not a degree, nor a certificate or a Institution that can claim that you an SEO Expert. Only your results matter which decides what you know and what you are capable in. If some of your site pages are optimized on the first page of google, or your content is shared virally on Social media than there are chances that you must be approached by People. They can ask you to work for a project, write content for them, start a website or do seo of their website to rank on the first page and you will be paid accordingly. So if this kind of opportunity comes, don’t hesitate to take it. Since you already know all the “How’s ?” in the SEO industry, it will be easier for you. Time Management is the only thing you require.

Personal Experience:

Most of my site pages comes on the first page of Google. One of the prospect(who is now my client) has called me once and asked about my website. I asked how did you know about me. He said i searched for “make money in India” on Google and the first link is of i.e of my website. He added I really liked the content of this article and as this article is on the first page you definitely know the “SEO thing”. First, I was amazed and completely blanked for 1 min and murmured in my mind that “Vipul, People really like what you write”. We than had a nice talk for 30 minutes and than we finally arranged a meeting. He wants to start a project of Indian Job Portal Blog in which he is willing to pay for the work. We agreed with it finally and now that 2 month old blog has 500 unique visitors per day and it’s name is


Everyone knows how to a build a site and therefore deigning  a website is a thing of past. Now the industry requirements are changed and 2014 is gonna be awesome for those who at-least knows the basics to optimize web pages on google. So if you are hoping to make big money, SEO is the thing you must concentrate on. If you have just heard about it from somewhere, let’s other here about it from you. It will definitely take time, but I bet it will be best option you have chosen for your long term investment.

Cheers to your Online success!!

And if you find this guide interesting, share this with others on social media. In case you have anything to ask or have some additional point that might benefit the user, please share with us in the comments section.

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    Hello Vipul Jain,
    That was indeed a superb post on making money in 2014.You have done 4 reasonable ways to make money. We love it. Starting SEO Company booms with dollars. But hard to do it. Any how many possible ways are there to figure them out. Thanks a lot for these tips.

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    Definitely a must read guide for all those you want to start a new blog. SEO is a must need for everything and for everyone. And as the recent changes in the google’s algo, still if you are able to rank web page on it you will definitely get paid well.

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    Hello Vipul jain,
    its really a great article for SEO freaks. it has helped me to find some good resources which i will use to make extra money from home.
    Thanks free the post.

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