How to Make Money With Clickbank in 2023: A Complete Guide


Making money with Clickbank is a dream for many people. It’s a great way to make a passive income, and there are many different ways to do it.

In this blog post, I will walk you through the process of making money with Clickbank in 2023. We’ll discuss how to find products, how to set up your website, and the pros and cons of using Clickbank as a way to make money.

So whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for ways to improve your current strategy, this blog post is for you!

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an affiliate network that allows digital product creators to sell their products and enables affiliates to promote those products in return for a commission.

Clickbank has been in business since 1998 and has a global reach, with customers in over 190 countries. Creators can sign up for a free account and then list their products on the Clickbank marketplace. Once a product is listed, affiliates can sign up to promote it.

When an affiliate makes a sale, they earn a commission from Clickbank. Clickbank also offers various tools and resources to help creators and affiliates succeed, such as a blog with marketing tips, and comprehensive Knowledge Base, and live chat support.

Whether you’re looking to create or promote digital products, Clickbank can be a helpful resource.

How Does Clickbank Work?

As I mentioned above, there are two types of sellers on Clickbank. Ones that create products are known as vendors, and ones that promote them, are known as affiliates.

Let’s discuss:

A Resource for Affiliate Marketers

Clickbank allows you, a blogger, YouTuber, or PPC marketer to sign up to the platform for free, browse all the different categories of products and select the ones you want to promote on your blog, website or social media channels.

Here are the most current categories:

clickbank categories How to Make Money With Clickbank in 2023: A Complete Guide

You can then sign up for that vendor’s affiliate program and start promoting their products. When people click on your affiliate link and purchase the product, you will earn a commission from Clickbank.

Clickbank is extremely popular with new affiliate marketers because it’s easy to use and there are no upfront costs. You don’t need to create a product, all you need is a website or social media platform with traffic.

And because Clickbank offers such a wide variety of products in so many different categories, it’s easy to find products that match your niche or interests.

An Ecommerce Platform for Digital Product Developers

Clickbank is also a platform for digital product creators to list their own affiliate products. If you have a digital product, such as an eBook, online course, or software application, you can list it on Clickbank and start earning revenue from day one from Clickbank affiliates.

What’s great about Clickbank is that they handle all the customer support for you. So if someone has a question or issue with your product, they will contact Clickbank and not you directly. This frees up your time so that you can focus on creating more products or promoting your existing products.

Clickbank takes care of all the payment processing for you as well. When a customer purchases your product, Clickbank will deposit the money into your account and then pay you out every two weeks via direct deposit or PayPal.

This is extremely helpful for digital product creators because it takes away the hassle of having to manage customer payments and refunds. Clickbank also offers a variety of marketing resources to help you promote your products, such as banner ads, email templates, and a blog with marketing tips.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or digital product creator, Clickbank can be a helpful platform for you.

Is Clickbank Legit?

Yes, Clickbank is a legitimate company that has been in business for over 20 years. They are a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ with over $100 million in annual revenue.

Clickbank has a great reputation in the online marketing space and is trusted by both affiliates and vendors.

Pros and Cons of Clickbank

As with every affiliate marketing platform, there are pros and cons. First, let’s discuss the pros.

Pros of Clickbank:

A Huge Selection of Products

One of the biggest advantages or ‘pros’ of Clickbank is the vast amount of digital products available to promote.

There are literally millions of products in every category imaginable, so there’s something for everyone. New products are listed on a daily basis, so there’s always something new to promote.

Earning Potential

Another ‘pro’ of Clickbank is the potential to earn a lot of money. If you can drive a lot of traffic to your affiliate links, and follow best practices for affiliate marketing, you can potentially make a full-time income from Clickbank.

Many affiliates have quit their day job and now make a living from Clickbank.

High Commission Rates

Clickbank has some of the highest commission rates for affiliate marketers. The average commission rate is around 50%, but some product vendors offer up to 75% or even more!

This means that if you can sell a high-ticket item, such as a course or software application, you can potentially make a lot of money. Contrast this with Amazon, where the average commission rate is around 4%.

Recurring Offers

Many products have recurring monthly offers, which means that you can earn commission each month when a customer pays their bill. This is extremely helpful for digital product creators because it provides a passive income stream.

Customer Service Handled For you

As mentioned earlier, Clickbank will handle all customer service for you. This is a huge time-saver because you don’t have to deal with customer issues yourself.

Lots of Promotional Tools are Available

Clickbank offers a variety of marketing resources to help you promote your products. These include banner ads, email templates, and a blog with marketing tips. You’ll also be able to contact the vendor directly for creatives or customizations.

Now let’s Discuss the Cons of Clickbank:

High Gravity Products are Hard to Compete With

‘Gravity’ is a metric that measures how many affiliates are promoting a product. The higher the gravity, the more competition there is. This can make it difficult to get your affiliate links in front of potential customers.

High Refund Rates

One of the ‘cons’ or disadvantages of Clickbank is that they have high refund rates. This means that if a customer purchases your product and then asks for a refund,

Clickbank will give them their money back. Each product on Clickbank has a different refund rate, but the average is around 15%. This can eat into your profits and make it difficult to earn a full-time income from Clickbank.

Full of Crap Products

Although there are millions of products available on Clickbank, many of them are low quality and not worth promoting. This can be frustrating for affiliates because they put in a lot of work to promote a product, only to find out that it’s not good.

Do your research on each product first. Read individual reviews from real people and see if the product is worth promoting. Don’t damage your reputation by promoting a crap product.

Not Available in All Countries

Clickbank is not available in all countries. If you live in a country where Clickbank doesn’t operate in, then you won’t be able to use their platform. For example, Clickbank isn’t available in Nigeria or Russia.

How To Make Money With Clickbank Step by Step

Now that you’ve got some background on how Clickbank works, let’s get to why you are here – how to make money on Clickbank!

Here is my step by step guide:

1. Sign Up With Clickbank

As I previously mentioned, you can be either a vendor or affiliate of Clickbank. Most people on the platform are affiliates, so let’s start with that.

To sign up as an affiliate on Clickbank, go to their homepage and click on the ‘Affiliates’ link at the top right-hand side of the screen.

Enter your country, first name, last name, and email address, and create a password. Then click on the ‘Create Account’ button.

Understand that if they deny letting you set up a Clickbank account, it’s likely because you’re from a country that has been banned. However, there are ways around this. If you contact Clickbank, they may be able to set up a special account for you but you’ll need to send in a photo ID and some other documents. This is not a guarantee, but it’s worth a shot.

To sign up as a vendor, click on the ‘Apply To Become A Vendor’ link. You’ll need to provide some personal and business information, as well as answer a short questionnaire. Clickbank will then review your application and get back to you within seven days.

2. Choosing the Right Products to Promote

Clickbank currently has 24 different categories to choose from. They range from Arts & Entertainment to Health, Home & Garden, Self Help, Languages, Sports, and Travel, to name a few.

When you open up any one of these categories, they will populate several other sub-categories. This way you can really niche down topics to find the right products.

The right products depend on a few factors. The main one is what niche you want to operate in. If you’re in the fitness niche, for example, you’ll want to find products that are related to fitness like workout programs or supplements.

You can use the Clickbank Marketplace to find products in your niche. Just enter a keyword into the search bar and see what comes up.

The results will show you how much money you can make per sale, the gravity of the product, and how many affiliates are promoting it.

Don’t just choose any product though! You need to make sure that it’s a high-quality product with a good sales page. To do this, read reviews from other affiliates and customers. If there are more negative than positive reviews, stay away from that product.

You can also check for reviews on popular affiliate marketing forums like Warrior Forum or Reddit. Just do a search for ‘[Product Name] Clickbank’ and see what comes up.

Another thing to consider is the commission percentage. The higher, the better. But don’t sacrifice quality for a high commission rate.

Ideally, you want to find a product that pays around 50% commission and has a gravity of over 20 at least. This means that it’s a popular product with lots of affiliates promoting it. However, sometimes gravity doesn’t need to be taken into account and I’ve had success with products that have a low gravity score.

New products will have almost no gravity score and they could be eventual winners. So in some cases, you don’t really need to focus on gravity, but on the product itself.

If a new product comes from a trusted vendor, then the product itself has an advantage over other products simply because of the trust and the good track record of the vendor.

So, getting in early could be an advantage especially if you write a review on your blog about it and let it rank organically.

3. Understanding Clickbank Metrics

Now that you know how to sign up and how to find products, there are some Clickbank metrics you should be aware of because they will come up often:

Initial $/sale: This measures how much money you make on the initial sale of a product. For example, if you sell a $100 product and earn a 50% commission, your Initial $/sale would be $50.

Avg %/sale: This metric is the average percentage of commissions affiliates take for a particular product.

Grav: This measures how popular a product is. A higher gravity means that more affiliates are promoting the product and it’s selling well.

Avg %/Rebill: This is the average percentage of commissions affiliates make on subsequent monthly payments made by a customer.

Avg Rebill Total: The average amount of commission an affiliate will make based on rebills paid by customers.

4. How to Promote Your Clickbank Offers

How you promote your Clickbank offers really depends on the type of affiliate marketer you are.

For example, someone that has a blog will do written content. A YouTuber will promote or suggest products in a video and someone that does PPC will promote Clickbank products on a landing page.

Let’s take a closer look.

Direct Linking in Content Marketing

This is the simplest form of promotion. You just send people directly to the sales page of the product you’re promoting using your affiliate link on your own website or blog.

You can do this with a contextual link or a banner link. The advantage of contextual links is that they blend in with the rest of your content and don’t look like an obvious advertisement.

Banner links on the other end are blatantly promotional. However, they can still work due to the the ‘clickbaity’ image you might be compelled to use to get clicks. The traffic you get here will rely on search engine marketing where people find your website through Google or other search engines.


There are two types of reviews you can include Clickbank products in – single product reviews and roundup reviews.

A single product review is where you talk about a specific product in detail and then include your affiliate link at the end. These types of reviews usually work best if you’re ranking for long-tail keywords related to the product. For example, ‘Cat Spraying no More Review’.

clickbank product cat spraying no more How to Make Money With Clickbank in 2023: A Complete Guide

Roundup reviews are where you create a list of multiple products in a particular niche and then do a brief overview of each one.

These types of reviews are great for general keywords like ‘weight loss programs’ or ‘make money online’. The best part is that you don’t have to have just Clickbank products listed in a roundup, they can be from other affiliate platforms or affiliate links directly from other vendors.


Tutorials are probably the most effective way to get sales from Clickbank. The reason being is that people searching for tutorials are further along in their buyer’s journey and they’re looking to implement something right away.


PPC or pay-per-click is a form of online paid advertising where you can buy ads that show up in Google’s search results. The advantage of PPC is that you can get your ad in front of people that are already searching for what you’re selling.

The downside to PPC is that it can be very expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. You need to track your conversions and make sure your campaigns are profitable before scaling them up.

You also can’t direct link to Clickbank products, or any product for that matter that’s an affiliate link. You must have a landing page where you can “do the selling” there.

YouTube Marketing

If you’re a YouTuber, you can include Clickbank offers in your videos as product placements or as an end card. You can also create video reviews and then link to the products you’re reviewing in the description.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is probably one of the most effective ways to make sales from Clickbank, but it’s also one of the most difficult. The reason being is that you need to build up a list of subscribers first before you can start emailing them affiliate offers.

The best way to do this is with a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something that you give away for free in exchange for an email address. It could be a PDF report, an ebook, a mini-course, etc.

You then need to setup an email autoresponder sequence that will promote the Clickbank products to your list over time.

The advantage of email marketing is that you have a captive audience that you can sell to over and over again. The downside is that it takes a long time to build up a list of subscribers. You can put your lead magnet on your website or blog, or you can use PPC ads to promote your lead magnet to build your list.

There is also an option to get a lot of leads with Solo ads.

Facebook Ads

You can also use Facebook ads to promote Clickbank products. The great thing about Facebook ads is that you can target very specific interests and demographics.

For example, if you’re promoting a weight loss product, you could target people that are interested in health and fitness, as well as women over the age of 35.

The downside to Facebook ads is that they can be very expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. You need to track your conversions and make sure your campaigns are profitable before scaling them up.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are a form of online advertising where you can show ads to people that have already visited your website.

The advantage of retargeting ads is that they’re very effective because you’re essentially showing your ad to people that are already interested in what you’re selling.

Most people don’t buy right away, in fact, studies have shown that people need to see or hear about the product at least 7 times before they make a purchase. If you’re able to push them closer to that exposure level with retargeting ads, your chances of making a sale increase.

How Much Money Can You Make With Clickbank?

This is a very subjective question. The short answer is that it depends on how much traffic you’re able to drive to your landing pages and how well you convert that traffic into sales.

If you have a lot of traffic and you’re able to convert even a small percentage of that into sales, you can make a lot of money. If you have very little traffic or you don’t convert well, then you won’t make much money.

The best way to find out is to just get started and see what happens. Try different methods of marketing and see which ones work best for you. Then scale up the ones that are working and cut back on the ones that aren’t.

You’ll also want to consider the competition in each market before deciding how much money you can make. If there’s a lot of competition, you’ll need to spend more money on marketing to get seen. If there’s very little competition, you can get away with spending less.

How to Promote Clickbank Products Without a Website?

To do any type of affiliate marketing without a website is possible, but it’s not going to give you long-term success. Having a blog or website is an asset that you build over time. One affiliate link could bring you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month on autopilot if you have a high-ranking blog post.

Here are some ways to do it without a website.

I actually mentioned some of the above already, which you might have caught. One of them is YouTube. With Youtube, you can promote products in a review style video either by doing a review of a specific product or reviewing and comparing a bunch of products. You will need to have possession of these products in order for the review to look legit.

The other way is with paid traffic You would create a landing page and then use PPC traffic of Facebook ads to send people to that landing page that has your Clickbank link. The advantage of this is that you can track your conversions and see how well your campaign is doing. If it’s not converting, then you’ll need to adjust your offer or your ad copy.

You can also use solo ads and build an email list. Igor Kheifets is a very successful marketer that has never built a website and is a master of using solo ads to create incredibly successful email campaigns.

So yes, promoting Clickbank products without a website and ignoring the search engines is still possible. However, if you want to build something sustainable, build a blog!

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

This concludes my article on how to make money with Clickbank. You now have all the information you need to get out there and start raking in some fat affiliate sales!

Just remember, it’s not going to happen overnight. You need to be willing to put in the work and be patient.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Happy Clickbank-ing! 😁

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get scammed on ClickBank?

For the most part no. The worst that can happen is you buy a crappy product that doesn’t deliver on its promises. However, there have been a few high-profile cases of people getting scammed by Clickbank vendors. Remember, you do have the chance to get a refund.

Is ClickBank really worth it?

If you are new to Clickbank affiliate marketing, there are a lot of products to choose from, so it’s worth it in that sense. However, the more popular the product, the more affiliates will promote it, meaning more competition. Clickbank for the beginner affiliate is actually a good choice. You can learn from it and expand into other platforms later on.

Who is the top ClickBank affiliate?

The top ClickBank affiliate marketers change all the time, but some have been John Chow and Robby Blanchard.

Does ClickBank pay through Paypal?

No. Clickbank pays affiliates by either check or wire transfer to your bank.

Is ClickBank free for affiliates?

Yes, Clickbank is free for anyone to join. You will have to reside in one of the approved countries though.

What is the best niche on ClickBank?

There is no one “best” niche on Clickbank. Different niches will have different levels of competition and therefore, different levels of opportunity.

Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

It’s possible to make a lot of money with affiliate marketing, but it will take time, effort, dedication, and the right affiliate marketing strategies. It’s not something that you can get rich quick with and depends on your affiliate marketing experience. However, if you are willing to put in the work, it is possible to make a full-time income.

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