How to Earn Money from Google Adsense


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how to earn money from google adsense
Earn money from google adsense

The biggest website of internet world i.e Google, can give you a huge amount of money for your online work.Google provides adsense account for you to earn money from your website.Google also enables google adsense for mobile content.Good amount of income can be generated by uploading videos on the internet because google adsense for videos is also a product of google brand.

It’s always a person’s dream, especially a computer stream  person is to work with google.He/she always wants to get associated with google somehow.But due to the lack of information and knowledge they fail to associate with World’s Largest Company.Here i provide you the information about how to earn money from Google Adsense and how you can generate passive income online.
Google drives an online money-making program by which anybody can earn money easily with google.King of internet world Google gives ads to your website, videos you upload on internet. Now I won’t take your much time, lets move on how to earn money from google adsense.

Firstly we will discuss from which kind of online work we can get google adsense account.What we should do on Internet that google can pay to us. After this, we will see how we can use google adsense account to generate huge amount of money.

3 Ways for How To Earn Money From Google Adsense

#1 Earn money from your website :-

You can generate a passive income from your own website or blog.Google provides ads on special websites that follow its terms and conditions.You can create your website easily and earn money online from it.Top websites like naaptol, homedesings, emfastmoney, allbloggingtips, earn huge amount of money from the google adsense.
This is because these websites follow google’s terms and conditions.Google provide them ads on websites and give them money online.Naaptol earns almost 1000$ per day from google. This is the power of google adsense by which you can also earn a handsome money by sitting at your home.
You can make money without paying any amount to other parties for creating a blog website.You can create a free blog on blogspot and earn money from their. But keep in mind that it will not provide you blog like, it will give you sub-domain like or

#2 Make money from mobile content:-

One of the amazing thing you have seen sometimes that when you are browsing a site on your Desktop and the same site you are visiting from your tablet or smart phone, you find that same site looks different on your mobile and on desktop.Have you ever thought that why this happens.It happens because normally sites take too much time to open on mobile phones.Now days people are more comfortable with smartphones to browse internet, hence websites are built according to the smartphones.
Facebook is one of the best example to explain because we are too much familiar with it and most of us like me addicted to this big social networking site.When you open Facebook on your phone it looks different from it looks on desktop.Now you might have understood what I am trying to say.Similarly you can also make your site mobile friendly by consulting experts in market or you can also make your site online for mobile content.You can convert your already existing site into the mobile format.
Google adsense is here for your mobile site too.After creating site, you can take google adsense for your site.This may lead you to earn passive income from google.It is because these modern days people are very used to browse internet on their smartphones where ever they are.So more the visitors you get,more you will earn money.

#3 Upload videos and earn money :-

Most Important:Detailed Explanation of How to Earn From Videos you Upload on YouTube

Uploading video is the most exciting and time-consuming way to earn money from google.You will feel awesome when you see that thousands of people watching a video that you have upload on Youtube and they are giving some fabulous comments on it.

generate a passive money income by uploading videos on youtube
Generate a passive money income by uploading videos on youtube

Just imagine you are playing Guitar and singing a romantic song for your girlfriend on her birthday.Your mutual friend recording that moment in camera or mobile and she uploads that video on youtube.After few days she finds that video she uploaded, is getting numbers of likes and comments.One of the leading music group from your city also comments and want to meet your friend to work with him.It will be like winning moment for your friend when you tell him about this.
In this whole story I haven’t mentioned how to earn money from google adsense after uploaded that video.Now just think one thing that while watching that video some visitors clicks on the ads showing along with that video.It will be awesome for both you, your friend is getting contacts from musicians and you are earning from google.Yes, google adsense for videos also.Google publishes ads on videos also that are uploaded on Youtube.You can generate a passive money income by uploading videos on youtube.To know more about how to make money from youtube Click Here.

When do we get google adsense :-

We have seen so far that how can we make money from google.We talk about earning money from website/blog, money from mobile content and videos on youtube.We haven’t talked why google will give us money and allow us to login in google adsense account.
It’s a simple Concept.Google provide information whatever people search on it.Hence the important key to get google adsense is to upload informative stuff on your website and blog.Mobile content also should be informative.For videos you need to upload a video that is not available on google.If it is available then by making some useful changes or making it attractive by your own effects you can upload it and get accessibility to access google adsense account.

Most important points:-

Most Important: How to Earn From Website/Blog


** Your content should be unique and identical.Copyright content google never allows and doesn’t provide adsense account.Make your content so effective, informative and attractive so that people enjoy while reading it.Remember one thing in mind that nudity or porn like things should not be there on your site or blog.Google doesn’t give adsense at all on these kind of stuff.

** Now there is a question that can arise in your mind that how will I upload a unique content, I don’t have any product or company whose information I can upload.Then don’t get upset, Let me explain that how you can make an original content.It is very simple, Just read an article from very popular site on a certain topic and take reference about that topic from other sites too.Collect the information regarding that topic and write all your views and information in your own words on your blog or website.Here the original content is made and it is unique too.
Pictures and videos on website/blog can be taken as reference, it doesn’t violate google’s terms and conditions.
** Your one article on website or blog should be at least 300 words and one relevant image will make it more attractive.When you have around 50 articles on your blog you can apply for google adsense.If google believes your site content is according to its terms and conditions, it enables adsense account for your blog.
** Similar kind of scenario is there with mobile content and videos.You have to follow some certain conditions to get adsense account.
If your website, blog, video gets a flood of visitors, you will earn a lot from your google.


Here I have shared my experience with you about how you earn money from google adsense.I try my best to provide maximum information regarding this.If you have any query, you can share with us also if you want to add something on this you can mention in comments section.I hope you like this article.Have a Nice day friends.

Enjoy Money Making!!

  1. Avatar of carlos
    carlos says

    I want to disagree with you a little bit my adsense account was aprove with 11 articles and the rest of thte tips a do agree 100% and there are more rules to apply to your site for example privacy policy if google do not see this in your site you will no be admitted.

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Hello carlos,
      First of all congratulation for getting google adsense.

      Nice to see your intention for adsense account approval. I would like to let you know that Google doesn’t follow a thumb rule about approving publisher requests. Some times it happens that having a site with more than 100 article, doesn’t get adsense approved where as you have mentioned your site get adsense approve for just 11 articles.

      Its not a hard and fast rule about approving adsense. One more point I want to rise from your comment and that is about privacy policy page.

      I never worked on any privacy policy page creation for my blogs. And to be frank, I always get adsense approved whenever I applied for it. So there is no a fix rules to disable and enable adsense. 🙂

      Keep enjoy earnings with your website.

  2. Avatar of RAKESH YADAV

    Hi, how i can create a blog website like you, similar to you. Please tell in details with expenses.

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Hi Rakesh,

      You can also create a website like us. You can contact to us for more details on

  3. Avatar of Princewill Ejikeme
    Princewill Ejikeme says

    Thanks for being elaborate on this information. I’m actually considering signing up for the Google adsense. My blog deals on social media business marketing, with 15 posts and 40 daily pageviews. Hope i get approved.

    1. Avatar of Aman Bansal
      Aman Bansal says

      Yes prince, you will get approval if you have original content and you have followed the guidelines of google for your blog. 🙂

  4. Avatar of Monu Kumar
    Monu Kumar says

    Hi Aman,
    Firstly i would like to say to you a wonderful thanks from my heart regarding this knowledgeable article. But dear can you tell me that may i earn income on music details blogs like Box Office Collection,Lyrics and much more if yes bro then tell me some important facts of google adsense. And if no then tell me that how i can earn from adsense on music blog.

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