How to be a Successful Freelancer to Make easy Money Online


Freelancing trend and opportunities are rapidly growing in all over the world. If we talk about Indian and USA companies, then Freelance jobs are to be said as time demanding jobs right now. You can also become a successful freelancer by taking care of few things and earn easy and effective money online. Now the point is that “How to be a successful freelancer?” This is all about the topic.

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What is Freelancing??

  • Freelancing is simply an art of defining our Specialty, our extra talent, our skills and many more things.
  • Another way, Independent business for Independent people, that’s called Freelancing.

How to be a Successful Freelancer to Make easy Money Online

Like our Adsense category on Moneybies, I have started to write about Freelancing field also to give “A Unique Style and Pattern to Make Money by becoming Famous Freelancers on the Internet” to all of you people. Before going to the process, some of the readers are thinking these questions in their mind-


1. “Why I try to do Freelancing Jobs? when I am doing my own service and earning money!”

Ans. Most of the companies prefer to take online working experience person in their staff.

This is also the fact that “The Market of Internet is growing quickly, and so many opportunities have come in front of us to prove our abilities working either with this technology world in unique style, or work on the old salary based patterns.” When we can do much better than salary and packages by becoming freelancers while doing job and service, then why to miss this golden chance to earn more buckets easily!


2. “Why I put my so much effort here by wasting my time and investment(if needed)?”

Ans. It’s a modern theory by myself

“If you are not on the Internet by profession,


you won’t be successful in your future perfection!” 😉

Similar thing belongs to your answer. You must be active as an Online Entrepreneur to get success, reputation and income for a lifetime. If any investment needed, then don’t you worry! It always gives you 3-4 times more than you invested.


3. “I am doing my Job at a good package, then why do I try Freelancing?”

Ans. This question is quite interesting for all money lover people, can say for money greedy people (I’m also the one, so don’t afraid). If i say you that, these freelancing jobs are better than your personal jobs and business. It may pay you more than any of the packages. (If it pays, then why don’t I miss this chance to make millions of dollars!!)

Just you need to be expertise in one of the Top Paying Freelance fields, which can show your real talent to the world and can give you unlimited income for a lifetime.

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How Freelancing works

Now the time to discuss about

How to be a Successful Freelancer by 7 easy working Steps

  • 1. Complete your Work on the Time:

Time is one of the Important factors, when you are a boss of yourself. Also, the discipline and planning is necessary in this way. For becoming a famous and successful freelancer, you need to complete work timely. This also relates your attitude and strategy of working.

Make a schedule of your work and do this with your all heart. Client loves only those people, who have got the discipline in time. It also proves you professionalise instantly.


  • 2. Don’t Take so much Load at Single Time:

Freelancers always looking for their work, In this way, they take overload working and result becomes very embarrassing at last, when they couldn’t complete the project at the right time.

To manage these types of many projects, “Time Management is the key thing”. If you can manager your time, then you can complete many projects at a single time.

Another view is, If you can’t able to take the client project, then reply him as negative. It won’t be wrong. In fact It will show your professionalism to your work.


  • 3. Invest in Technical Field or Technology:

“Don’t be Stingy in buying a Productive tool.

                             It’s not the expense, It’s a type of Investment.”

Productive tool will help you in freelancing for increasing your buckets. If any of the software can decrease your work load, then immediately buy it for improving productivity. Just make up your mind for buying those things, which is the necessity for the present.

If you planning to invest something for the future, then beware, it may be outdated in the future. As well you should also increase your knowledge about latest technology. Because technology in freelancing matters a lot.

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  • 4. Make a list for your Expenses:

Either you don’t meet with regular tax free salary in freelancing but, you can get all these free expenses on your rent, travel, car EMI, equipment maintenance, Internet, Telephone, Stationary and News-paper.

For taking these unique benefits, you have to prepare a list of your expenses according to your project style.


  • 5. Social Connectivity is so much necessary:

Social connectivity on Social Media helps you to increase your online business audience as well as old friends also. So try to increase your social contacts by the social professionals from different areas around the world. Your channels can help you to establish your good image in front of your clients.

Other way, If you can’t make a website then try to build a blog with writing articles online by your own. It can also impress your clients and help you to take projects online.

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  • 6. Take the Impressive Buckets for your work:

There is so much competition in the market. In this way, if you are working at low cost, then it directly indicates that you are compromising with quality. Hence, your reputation gets down in the market.So never ever compromise with the cost of your work.

“Don’t Work for Money,

            Only Work for making Good Terms with people,

                                                     Money will Automatically come”  

It may be possible that you have got a less work, but in this way, you will get regular and quality work. Which you can enjoy!


  • 7. Savings are Important:

Freelancing is a job for hopeful people. Either you get a lots of money in one month or you get a less money in another month. So if you only depend on freelancing, then for your happy home, less money can be dangerous. So always prefer to save money by you high income.

Don’t spend money in a ridiculous way on negligible things. Each person has face odd time in his life, and this money can help him in his odd time. So Save Money and Live Happily!

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New Improving technology has given so many wings to freelancers. Anybody can become a freelancer. Just you need to know these 5 basics principles with above 7 easy steps in freelancing and Internet marketing aspects-

  • (I) Don’t be dependent on one income source.
  • (II) Don’t plan things in advance before getting commission in your hands.
  • (III) Keep learning new things to increase your online income.
  • (IV) Improve your Quality of working and Reputation on the Online World.
  • (V) Always give the Best results by your working.


Thanks for reading this 1st deep article in Freelancing ways.

Till then, Stay tuned with us more updates! 🙂

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  1. Avatar of abhishek soni
    abhishek soni says

    Hi Vivek, You have included very good points here, but I would like to know few things more like, from where we can get freelance work and how much we can charge for particular work. You can make your article more valuable after adding these points too.

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain says

      Hi Abhishek,
      As I already mentioned in this article that I will write these all things in my next article. I have started to work in this freelancing category with this 1st article.
      But, many of old articles are already available here in this freelancing category.
      Thanks for commenting here with your valuable thoughts and Keep in touch with us for my next article in this freelancing field.

  2. Avatar of shiwangi shrivastava
    shiwangi shrivastava says

    Hey Vivek,

    The above explanation presented perfectly. I was trying to figure out may something be missing but failed to analyse.

    The matter of saving you focus is indeed true because of the flexibility of income. Some months you earn sufficient whereas some month is unsufficient. In that case saving is the key thing to pull every month with moderate income.

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain says

      Hi Shiwangi,

      Savings are must, specially If you earning money from Online ways. It may be a matter of your luck. But, as we always say, “Fortune favors the brave”.
      Similar concept is working here also. If you have got courage to do something with your talent and skills, then you can achieve, whatever you like.
      Another thing, many of the freelancing points and skills with the exact pattern, will discuss in my next post. Trying to make a series of Freelancing articles. Hope It will help to all the readers! 🙂

      Thanks again for commenting on my post!
      Have a beautiful week ahead..;)

  3. Avatar of Sanket Shahane
    Sanket Shahane says

    Hi Vivek,
    Need your help!
    I am studying 2nd year in I.T engg and i want to start earning my pocket money through the internet by doing projects.
    I know c,c++ and can develop desktop applications in c# I am still practicing to master it.
    I have done a few courses in ethical hacking,and open source web development.
    I don’t understand how to start up hope you can help me 🙂
    I am looking forward to freelancer projects or something like that but i never did this before so don’t know how to start.

    1. Avatar of Vipul Jain
      Vipul Jain says

      You have lots of skills and talents and easily you will get the projects if you will through the websites like and

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