How to Find a Freelance Master Data Management Job


Everything in business appears to be about data these days. In 2016 alone, the global enterprise data management market had an overall value of $68 billion. This is projected to increase exponentially by the end of the decade. Naturally, anyone with skills in data management has the chance to move into a growing industry.

freelance data management

But where can you find these jobs if you want to work as a freelancer?

  1. Start with Your Own Website

We always recommend creating your own website first. No matter where you apply, you need a business card of some kind. The best business card you can have is your own website displaying some of your projects, skills, and previous clients.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. A simple WordPress site showing a full understanding of master data management best practices is more than enough to hand out to prospective clients.

It also enhances your professionalism.

  1. TopTal – The Marketplace for the Elite

Any freelance master data management professional will tell you that they hate having to race to the bottom on price. Many corporations also hate this so that’s why they go to TopTal.

If you have the skills and the experience, TopTal is the place to be. You’ll find major corporations hiring here, from J. P. Morgan to AirBnB. And they have to put down a $500 deposit to hire through this marketplace, so you know the clients are serious. The average client engagement length is nine months here.

This is truly a place for the top 3%, so you won’t need to worry about competing with beginners.

  1. Freelancer, Upwork, and AngelList – Solid Platforms

Are you not yet at the elite level of a freelance consultant?

Then Freelancer, Upwork, and AngelList are solid platforms for you to get your start. These are the three leading boards for finding a great range of different jobs. There’s much more competition and you’ll need to deal with a high number of people applying for the same jobs, but once you get that first project you’ll be ready to go.

  1. Craigslist – For Jobs in the Local Area

Sometimes you may want less competition and a freelance job in your locality. Craig’s List can be excellent for this. As well as finding jobs posted by local companies, you can also send out ads yourself. Once you do this you may be able to snag some easy projects.

Last Word – Showcasing Your Professional Skills

Master data management is about showcasing your professional skills. Despite enjoying a growing industry, you need to bear in mind that this is still a highly competitive one.

Not only do you need to deal with other freelancers, but many of them have experience in the corporate arena. You need to be persistent in your efforts and ensure that you have your marketing down.

Don’t enter the feast or famine cycle that so many freelancers trap themselves inside.

Where are you going to find your next freelance data master management job?

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