Factors affecting the Performance of a Trader


Before you start working hard in any industry, you must know to educate yourself properly. Getting into a new profession doesn’t mean you will start making money without giving the effort. Think about the successful engineers, business owners in our society. All of them have worked hard only to secure a steady source of income. Similarly, the trading profession requires strong analytical ability and in-depth knowledge of the market. Warren Buffet is often considered as the legendary stock trader who made his fortune by making a wise decision. Do you think luck favored him? If you think so, trading might not the right profession to secure your dream. Unless you take yourself to the extreme limit, making a consistent profit will be a tough task.

trader Factors affecting the Performance of a Trader

We all love to read articles on trading strategies. Without giving the effort, we want to create a stable source of income. But if this was so easy, no one in Hong Kong would have lost money in trading. Major and minor factors can significantly change the performance of a trader. Let’s get into the details of these important factors.

Fees charged by the brokers

Have you ever considered the fees charged by the brokerage firm? The majority of the investors don’t care about the brokerage commission. But every penny counts in the Forex market. If you start trading the market with the brokers having a widespread, you are not going to make any profit by scalping. Covering up the spread will become tough. On the contrary, the position traders need to deal with the swap and eventually, it becomes a burden. These might seem minor factors but calculating the average fees paid to the brokerage firm by a trader is high. So, select the broker with caution so that you don’t end up paying more.

High-frequency trading

High-frequency trading and algorithmic trading is widely popular among the Forex traders. Since these strategies allow them to execute frequent trades, it creates many profit-taking opportunities. But the moment you start taking too much risk in any trade is the movement you forget about the quality. Dealing with the market without ensuring quality is more like putting your hands in the fire. Instead of developing a high-frequency trading model, find a stable system that can help you to trade in a relaxed environment. It’s true, the algorithmic model can change your life standard and make sure rich but the time required to lose your entire investment is also very low. Within a blink of an eye, you can lose millions of dollars. So, stay with the traditional approach of trading and ensure the safety of your capital.

Paying attention to false information

Information is the most vital element in any profession. In the Forex market, the traders are getting bombard with tons of information and eventually they are responding without analyzing the authenticity. You should act like smart investors and take an intelligent decisions. Taking progressive decisions greatly depends on the quality of your information. Starting to open long orders in the USDHK pair without analyzing the key metrics is more like a driving car blindfolded. You may have reliable information from the experts but can you drive the car blindfolded by getting information from your friend. Stop reacting to information without analyzing the source.

Forgetting about the fundamentals

Managing the cash flow in any business is vital to your success. The retail traders often think to follow an aggressive method to improve their win rate. But this is not the perfect way to deal with this business. If you want to succeed in life, you have to find the right path. Take steps in such a way so that you can execute the orders with managed risk. Forget to analyze about the losing trades as it will make your trading condition worse.

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