How as an Uber Driver you can Earn Decent Income


As we are moving towards a gig economy, the concept of rideshare driving is spreading and evolving throughout the globe. One of the reasons for this growing business is the need to be independent workers. With a person being his own boss, he can work as he desires.

making money with uber

The most popular name of on-demand ride-hailing service is Uber. With over 160,000 drivers only in the US, Uber’s service is now available in 54 countries around the globe.

However, Uber is not the only business offering such services. We also have the likes of Lyft and some local names in different countries.

While this article is written with Uber in mind, the scenario is not very different for other brands. Let’s move ahead:

Here Are Some Reasons, Why to Be an Uber Driver

Let’s talk about the benefits of working for Uber and other such companies.

  • You are you own boss

The biggest freedom for people is when there is no one to boss them around.

Being an Uber driver provides you with the opportunity to be your own boss.

You basically work when you want to and pick rides that you find suitable. The ease is amazing and unmatched.

  • An ultimately flexible job

Not many jobs will let you choose your hours at work.

An Uber driver is allowed to work as little or as much as he or she likes. If the driver feels that he has worked enough for a day, he just switches off the Uber application. However, Uber and several other companies require you to meet minimum requirements, which is not much as you can pick part-time or full-time positions.

  • Getting to meet new people

Sometimes, interacting with someone new can prove to be invaluable. Uber provides you this opportunity as you drive people along.

  • Peak hours

This really sucks for the passengers, but for a driver the surging of prices is wonderful. If you are in an area or a time period where the peak factor is 2x, this will mean that you will get twice the regular fare for a standard trip.

For instance, drivers have reported that on special occasions such as New Year’s Eve they are able to earn from $500-$1000 on a single day. However, this depends on several factors

how to become a uber driver

Opportunities to make some extra buck

While an average Uber driver can earn $2000 per week, there are some unique ways to make more money. These include:


It is a disruptive advertising platform that connects drivers and brands to advertise on vehicles.

Drivers are able to pick an advertiser and a way to advertise. This can help drivers make around $200 a month.


Helps the drivers get better ratings and earn $1500-$3000 extra annually by providing portable vending machine boxes full of snacks and supplies.

Other than this, you can enjoy some more benefits as an Uber driver. The money is great, but make sure to click here to learn about tax deductions for Uber and Lyft drivers so you know exactly how much you will have to pay in taxes.

How to Become an Uber Driver  

uber driver

To become an Uber driver you must fulfill these requirements.

  • Age

You must be at least 21 years old to join Uber. Some other similar companies may also accepted 18 years and above drivers.

  • Driver’s license

An active in-state driver’s license is required with 3 years of driving experience.

  • Clean background

A driving and criminal record check is done to an extent of past 7 years including:

  • DUI or drug related offenses
  • Fatal accidents
  • History of reckless driving
  • Incidents of driving without insurance or license

For background check, you will need to have a social security number.

  • UberX car requirements

Passengers do not want to be stuck in a broken down car on a highway, therefore you must have a vehicle in proper condition in order to work for Uber.

Here are the vehicle requirements.

  • 4-door sedan, must seat at least 4 passengers
  • In-state plates
  • Year 2002 or newer
  • Current car registration
  • Pass the uber vehicle inspection
  • The company’s vehicle inspection must also be cleared by the applicant.
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