Earn Money from Snapchat | Legitimate Guide for $0 to $1000 in a Month


Snapchat is comparatively new to the social networking arena. Irrespective of the new entrant label, it has gone wildly popular, especially among the teenagers.

earn money from snapchat

Have you ever thought of making money out of it? If you have got some time to dedicate for money making, you must definitely read this article. I am going to introduce you to the ways by which one can earn money with Snapchat.

How to Earn Money from Snapchat?

Can one jump right into the money making part on Snapchat? No, no one can! You have to build a decently popular Snapchat profile for that. How can you do that?

  • Don’t forget to follow people with Snapchat accounts from your phone’s address book.
  • Always find an audience and follow them. According to a study, 75% of people don’t take the initiative that you have to reach out to them.
  • You have to be consistent with the snaps.
  • Always create quality content (should be related to the niche you want people to know about).
  • You know you have a Snapcode, right? Post the picture of the same everywhere you can.
  • Occasionally, go live.

snapchat celebrity

There are many (untapped) ways to be popular on Snapchat. Given that the motive of this article isn’t the same, we need to move on to what matters here.

Methods to Make Money from Snapchat

Let me tell you one thing! There isn’t a set pattern to make money online, let alone the Snapchat itself. You have to be creative, actionable, value-providing, and regular. If you think you can meet these criteria, you can check a few Snapchat money making ideas.

Are these the only ways? No, you bet these aren’t! As long as you stay creative and action-oriented, you can come up with your own methods as well.

  •  Offer Transient Discount Coupons

You know what made Snapchat popular. Yeah, it’s the stories. They don’t stay on the web forever. Guess what? We can implement the same technique to make some money.

If you are a product owner, you can use this technique in its full glory. All you need to do is creating custom and short-living discount coupons exclusively for your Snapchat users. It should be set in such a way that the coupons would expire within 10-20 seconds after you view the post.

You can specify the character of the code inside the post to educate the audience about the same. Of course, you will get many leads (the scarcity trick always works, you know?).

  • Sell with Snapcash

Have you got a physical product? Then, you can directly sell them to your followers with the help of Snapcash ( a collaboration between PayPal and Snapchat).

snapcash to earn money

How does it work? As told earlier, there isn’t a set pattern. However, the simple process is given below.

First, you can post a snap of the product. Provided your popularity, followers will enquire about what’s inside the snap. So, you can sell the product directly to them using Snapcash. The best thing about it is neither you nor your follower has to leave the platform.

  • Sell Your own Geo Filters

Got awesome designing skills? If you affirmatively shake your head, it’s time to cash in your passion.

I have found a platform where you can submit your filter designs and even own a custom store. When someone buys your design, you will get paid 50% of the sale amount. They will market your design and store.

  • Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketer promotes others’ products and takes a percent (or a fixed amount) per sale as commission. If you are not a product owner, you can enter into affiliate marketing.

In order to earn something significant from Snapchat through this method, you have to improve your copywriting skills. The sale happens when a follower of yours gets convinced via your snaps and decides to try the product. I recommend you promote quality products only. If you run behind the whopping commission and give no damn to the quality, your credibility goes on the stake.


So, what do you think?

I have given you four different ways to earn from Snapchat. Can you start right now? If you have a significant number of followers, you can. If not, I recommend you work on building an audience base.

Be active on Snapchat, engage with everyone, follow people (don’t wait for them to come and find you). Once you think you have got enough followers, eying the monetary benefits isn’t a sin.

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