How to Earn Huge Money by Guest Blogging


Guest blogging has been riding quite high lately with the entire arena of Internet Marketing buzzing with its talk. The entire concept concaving this idea and to earn money by guest blogging had actually attracted quite a good deal of attention only around 2-3 years ago. However, it’s not that there weren’t any guest bloggers since before, but, recently the concept has actually gained colossal attention by not just individual guest bloggers but also by some of the biggest companies.

make money with guest blogging

Apart from helping to build stronger professional connections and relationships, thankfully guest blogging can also be quite great to earn some big money. If you too are looking to earn money by guest blogging, check out these golden tips that can be really helpful for earning a handsome amount every month

Searching is the key

Finding clients and blogging sites that pay you for your guest blogging services is actually a big decision that can count your dollars. From companies to professional bloggers, guest bloggers are in demand almost everywhere. Check out some of the leads that can help you make thousands of dollars per month only by guest blogging.

  • SEO Companies

SEO companies are the ones who require guest bloggers at the most. Comprising of a huge clientele base, who are always looking for ways to build quality and lasting backlinks. Since these companies have uncountable clients, thousands of guest posts are needed every month. Of course, it’s not possible for the team to write them down; thus comes the requirement of guest bloggers.

  • Giants or Big Brands

When we are talking about “big brands”, it necessarily doesn’t just mean the ultimate big companies. It can either be a start-up, that is in its infancy stage yet has a bigger and a better budget. Or it can also be a company that comprises of a massive budget. When dealing with them try interacting with their marketing managers or simply with their respective SEO professionals. Communicate and let them know as to why you are the most appropriate blogger for the guest blogging job.

  • Professional Bloggersmake money with seo

Now this may sound quite weird, but yes professional bloggers too look out for good and quality guest bloggers. There are actually several bloggers who depend primarily on affiliate sales income based on their search engine traffic. Due to this, they often look for quality writers who can help them building quality links, with the help of quality guest posts, for their affiliate reviews. This can eventually earn them more rankings or simply more income.

  • Blogs and Sites

Blogs and sites that have a huge directory are the one of the most top earning sources guest bloggers rely on. These sites basically provide a colossal opportunity to make from 50$ to even 1300$ only for one post. Comprising of different niches like travelling, photography, and blogging, many of these blogs and sites when used properly can actually be an excellent way to earn money by guest blogging along with being a major alternative to earning via AdSense. With different yet attractive sum, these sites are definitely worth checking. Here are some of these high-paying blogs that can help you to earn money by guest blogging, not just in small amount but actually in big dollars.


Popularly known for its vast freelance community, Be A Freelance Blogger lets you write guest post in its “freelance writing” niche. The site also lets you post your own success story along with giving you an exclusive right of republishing your respective article online, exactly after 90 days.

Niche-Freelance Writing

Pay Scale- 100$


If you are a lover of places and travelling, this site is the one you are looking for. Being a popular travel and tourism site, it lets you contribute guest posts at quite decent pay scale.


Pay Scale-0.5$ to 1$ per word


If you are looking to earn a handsome amount for articles having less words, Writers Weekly is the name. One of the best advantages that this site consists of is that they accept almost any kind of article, as long as it can generate money from home. You can even get paid for reprint articles.

Niche- Online business and writing

Pay Scale-60$ for around 600 words.


Lovers of comedy and humor, Cracked is the site that actually makes you pay for making others laugh. Being one of the leading sites dealing with comedy, writers who share a typical forte towards humor can earn a whooping sum here.


Pay Scale-50$ to even 200$ per post/article.


Accepting articles on all possible niches like entertainment, books, lifestyle, business life and tech, Salon pays a handsome amount for essays ranging around 750 words.


Pay Scale-150$ for 750 words essays

When searching don’t just randomly stumble upon any blog. Make sure that you know your own caliber and expertized skills. Explore the niches in which you can contribute whole-heartedly and target only those blogs with which you can share similar passions and interests.

Apart from these sites here are some more tips that can help you to earn money by guest blogging.

  • Format your respective posts quite like the ones already present on the site.
  • While writing, include both internal as well as source links.
  • Add a call-to-action exactly when you end the blog post. The more the discussion, the better it is.
  • Chart out an exceptional guest author bio that can help showcasing your talents and skills.
  • Tell a compelling story.
  • Spice up with your personality
  • Include a kickass headline
  • Proofread your post before final submission.

If you know any more tips that can contribute to make money by guest blogging, don’t forget to comment below.

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    Guy Siverson says

    I’m just getting going with guest blogging and had no idea that this was possible. I was fine enough just earning a high quality backlink or two from my work but you have just taken everything to a brand new level of insight for me. Is there a way to search Google for guest blogging opportunities that pay that you are aware of? If you get paid do you lose the ability to have the backlink or would asking for that too be an okay strategy?

  2. Avatar of Darnell
    Darnell says

    This is a topic that is close to my heart…
    Thank you! Where are your contact details though?

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