Think of Demat Account! Think Angel Broking!


For many of us, maintaining financial transaction is a big-time jargon especially the stock market transactions. And this is exactly where DEMAT Account or Dematerialized account number takes place.

angel broking demat account

What is DEMAT Account number?

Demat account stands for a dematerialized account. It’s an account where all your electronic settlements of traces take place. For the purpose of transacting, every account holder has to have a DEMAT account number.

It’s very easy to use. All you require is an internet password and transaction password to access your dematerialized account. Once done, then all your transfers or purchases of securities can easily be initiated. Sales of securities and purchases on the Dematerialized account are automatically made, once the transactions are confirmed and accomplished.

DEMAT Account number by Angel Broking

Today, there are various platforms to own a DEMAT account number. But here, today I especially want to talk about Angel Broking. I recently had my DEMAT account opened by Angel Broking, but, as everyone does, I also did a lot of research before approaching Angel Broking.

I had multiple options to choose from but the reason why chose Angel broking only is something everyone, who buy stocks, should know. Without any personal preference, here I would like to highlight some unique and worth counting features that I had with Angel Broking.

Features and benefits of opening a DEMAT account with Angel Broking

Angel Broking Demat Account Benefits:

Easy Holdings- Usually, handling physical certificate is an intricate task and then keeping the track of their market performances is another tedious thing. But having a DEMAT account number with Angel broking, you can conveniently hold and track of all your investments through a single account.

Zero Risks- These days, physical securities are under the huge risk due to the losses, thefts and different sorts of damage. Also, there are dreadful deliveries or fake securities pose risks. But when you have a DEMAT account, it enables you to hold all your investments in the electronic which has not even a single threat.

Decreased costs- Holding physical certificates involves several types of additional costs like handling charges, stamp duty costs and other expenses. But DEMAT accounts (Angel Broking) completely remove these costs.

angel broking demat account

Time-saving- You usually have to spend hours of unnecessary time in doing the paperwork. But DEMAT account helps you to make more purchases and sales of security holding in a lesser time with more efficiency.  Demat accounts are extremely profitable, simple and trouble free.

Odd lots facility- With physical certificates, buying and selling are restricted in a specific quantity. Therefore, DEMAT accounts come handy and give you the convenience of dealing with odd lots easier.

Angel Broking Demat Account Features:

Transfer your shares easily

As an investor, you can easily transfer your holdings through a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) or Receipt instructions by simply buying or selling your shares. All the details you require to execute the transactions conveniently could be found in these slips.

Demat Accounts Freezing

If you want to freeze your DEMAT account for a certain period of time, you can easily do it through a DEMAT account. This benefit comes extremely beneficial when you want to avoid the risk of debt or credit into a Demat account. Also, freezing facilities is available for a specific quantity of securities held in your account.

Ease of access

Since Demat accounts are electronically operated, you can easily access your account through various modes ranging from computer, smartphone, tablet, laptop and other devices connected through the internet.

Quicker dematerialization & dematerialization of securities  

As a DEMAT account holder, you can provide instructions to your depository participants, (DP) to convert your physical certificates into the electronic form. On the other hand, electronic securities can also be reconverted to physical form anytime as per your requirement.

Speed E-Facility

With National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), you can send your instructions slips electronically instead of submitting them physically to the DP. It makes the processor more convenient and

Therefore I say, “Think of Demat Account! Think Angel Broking”

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