Earning Money without Spending Money : Cool Ways for Side Income


The start of a few businesses does not require any form of investment, and there are times when you may simply sell a service that you are capable of providing. Below is a list of things you may do in order to earn money without having to spend any money in advance. This list does assume that you own a desktop computer such as a laptop or PC, or a tablet mobile device. It also assumes that you have access to the Internet.

earning money without investment

Try Amazon or eBay as they are free to start


Amazon will allow you to list items for free. You only pay any fees if the item sells, so essentially you may start making money with no investment at all. eBay is a little different as they are going to charge you for each advert you run. However, your fees are not added up and invoice until a month has passed, so you have plenty of time to start making money with no investment before you have to start paying fees.

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Draw cartoons on your computer or tablet


These cartoons may be sold on your website, or via your Facebook Fan page, or even on cartoon marketplaces. Creating your salable product may be done for free, and if your cartoons are funny or have a poignant message then the quality of them need not even have to be very good (although it does help).

Give advice as a consultant


If you have any experience in a certain field or if you have qualifications, then why not consider being a freelance consultant? All you are offering is your expertise, which should not cost you anything. Once you have made some money, you may then scale up your operation by advertising your services online and offline.

Design website templates on your computer


This may be done in the same way that you market things such as graphic design or cartoons. And, just like marketing a consultancy service, you do not have to start paying for any advertising until you have made a few sales and can afford it. There are a few ways of advertising your web templates for free, including advertising them on market places or social media.


Enter Poetry and short story competitions


There is sometimes a cash prize, although you should be aware that most online competitions will pay you nothing at all. They have no reason to keep up their end of the bargain and will often come up with a fake name as the winner. Try to find a reputable website that is preferably part of a bigger offline establishment or community.


That way they will not relish the idea of risking their reputation with phony competitions. Also, be wary of the fact that your content may be stolen. Read all the terms and conditions and take steps to help prove your copyrights prior to submitting your work.


Download an open source animator and make short movies


Open source means that the software is free. Just make sure you download it from a reputable company who are not going to pass you off some sort of malware or virus. With this software you may make animated movies or small cartoons that you could sell if you gain a nice following.


Download an open source image editor and charge for edits


If you get good at using it then why not try taking a few orders and editing some photographs for people. If you are good then people will pay you and send you repeated work. The great thing is that you do not have to invest a lot of money in order to start-up, and you need not advertise yourself until you have made a few sales and earned some money.

Fill out paid surveys online


A lot of them are phony websites that are just looking to have you fill out forms and then never pay you. However, if you can find a good one then you can make money at home by filling out surveys. The pay is not often very good, and if it is good then make sure the survey is not a scam. Also, be wary of giving out your own personal information as you may make identity theft a lot easier if you do.

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Place affiliate adverts on your blog or website


This is not going to earn you a lot of money, but if you have a website or blog then you may earn money via affiliate adverts. They pay you when your viewers click on them. Just be wary of scaring off your viewers for the sake of a few dollars per month.

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Write down and sell your jokes


In America a joke may be sold in the same way that a poem or story may be sold. If you have a few original ones then write them down and try to sell them. You will find that if you build up a reputation for being a bit of a funny person then people will be more willing to pay for your jokes. This is probably going to require you to come up with a lot of free material beforehand, but make sure your free material is somewhere safe such as on your website so it is harder for people to claim your jokes as their own.


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