Captcha Typing Jobs: See, How easily you can Earn Money Online


All thanks to the world of web that has made earning big bucks back at home an easy affair. Among the leading online jobs, that can help you to make fast money, captcha typing jobs or captcha entry work takes a dominant position. The simple eligibility to know English letters and the requirement of a smooth internet connection makes this job an easy shot for all those who are looking for reliable and easy ways to make money online.

earn money with captcha

Since solving captcha codes is a human verification test, its requirement arises when multiple companies need to sign up for thousands of websites. Since the quantity of these sign ups are in large quantities, and since it cannot be completed by any kind of software, most of these companies look for human resources for solving these codes.


If you too are looking to make some money as a Captcha solver, don’t miss checking out these sites that can help you getting some genuine captcha typing jobs.

  • Megatypers

When it comes earning big or at least decent money by captcha typing jobs, Megatypers take a leading rank. To work with Megatypers, all you need to have is a good typing speed, the ability to work for a decently long period of time and a smooth internet connection. They offer from around 0.45$ to 1.5$ for around 1000 captcha solve. The payout can also vary depending on your work hours.


It can initially sound not that money, but with hard work it can roll on around 300$ to even 400$ per month. Also supporting several payment platforms like Paypal, Payza, Western Union and WebMoney, Megatypers becomes a more convenient option for several online users, located in different parts of the globe.

  • Protypers

If you can type around 10 words in just one minute, then Protypers is your game. With this site, you can earn from $0.45 Typer Credits to even $1.50 Type Credits for approximately 1000 images. You can get paid via PayPal WebMoney, Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Perfect Money and  Payza. As long as you have a good internet connection, with ProTypers, you can actually earn around 200$ per month.


  • Kolotibablo

Since last 5 years, Kolotibablo has been one of the leading sites to have provided home based online jobs. As per reviews, many of its users have actually had received their payments on time. For 1000 captcha images thus typed, Kolotibablo can pay around 1$ or up.

One of the most distinct features that entails this site is the fact Kolotibablo uses a rating system for paying higher compensation to those workers who are more efficient than the others. Basically with this site, the more accuracy and lesser errors you show, the higher payment you can expect. In your initial stage, you may have to work slightly hard, but with time, the site can actually turn to be a profitable platform for captcha entry work.

  • 2Captcha

If you are looking some extra perks in the form of bonuses, 2Captcha is the name. For every captcha images, 2Captcha offers 1$; but at the same time, it also offers bonuses, if you solve some complicated images. You can even earn more money if you refer the site to others.

  • Virtual Bee

Virtual Bee is one of the oldest sites that lets you earn money by captcha entry work. Launched in 2001, Virtual Bee has a different strategy to let you earn. To join the site, you need to pass its Evaluation test. Once passed, you can start receiving captcha work, depending on your respective score.

  • Captcha Typers

Captcha Typers is a site that is trusted by people from all over the world. Some if its users have actually been able to earn a whopping sum of 200$ per month. All you need to do is to get connected with them by mailing them, after which you shall get the details.

Tips for earning money via captcha typing jobs

  • Captcha typing jobs may not allow you to earn a big money initially. Since it’s a laborious task, by spending at least 4 hrs per day, you can earn around 200$ per month.
  • Some of the websites can ask you to download a software, after which you can start with your typing.
  • Before you join any site, make sure to create accounts in Paypal or Payza or in any other site that can allow you to receive international payments.
  • You should all the sites to check which one leads the game when it comes to timely and genuine payments.

If you too know any other site that can offer captcha entry jobs, comment below.

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