6 Top Paying Best Freelance Jobs to Make Money Online


  We all know the about freelancing opportunities, which is continuously growing in this present technology atmosphere.
  We also know about How to become a successful freelancer in this competitive world!” (In previous article we already discussed that).
  Just we need to know about the Top Paying and Best Freelance Jobs and platforms, which can provide us a better way to cast our concentration in this field. “Freelancing is an Art, not everyone can have but can easily be learnt”- A quote that you will definitely agree on. Freelancing is one of the Best ways to earn money through Internet.

6 Top Paying Best Freelance Jobs to Make Money Online

After publishing 1st article about successful freelancing tips, many people were asking me to write about Top Paying Best Freelance Jobs and suitable freelance platforms. But I can’t produce everything in just one bucket. Just for, maintaining your interest and curiosity on this Amazing Freelance Field.

So here we go with our topic-

6 Best Freelance Jobs and Platforms to Make Money Online

 1. Photography:

If we look around to the freelancing world, then Photography has come up with one of best options in Freelance. This is all happened because of Many Social Networking, (can say Social Media Earning) and cheap and wonderful quality Digital Cameras.

  • You can easily get Rs. 3000 – 5000 ($50-$90) easily for a day in Freelancing Photography.

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2. Content Writing:

As we already discussed in previous articles that writing articles online is a key thing to success in this Internet World. If you make a blog in this way, then you are in the safer side for the future.

But, if we talk this writing aspect is freelancing way, then ordinary and simple writing in the creative manner can win you this contest. Just you need to use correct grammar by your active sentences. This opportunity is world-wide available.

  • For General content, you can easily get Rs. 1 – 2 for per word or, can say, 500 words= Rs. 500-1000 ($8-$17 per article)
  • For Specialized content, you can smoothly get Rs. 5 – 10 per word or, can say, 500 words= Rs. 2500-5000 ($40-$85 per article)


3. E-tutoring:

Tutor plays an important role in your studies, and according to the present generation, Becoming an Online Tutor is a vital thought. If you have got some talent like tutor, then you can make the most of it by giving your tutoring services to the students in all over the world.

For some professional course, you need to take degree. Otherwise, it’s all fine. You don’t need to take to bother for anything.

  • For Lower classes, you can easily get Rs. 150 – 200 ($2.50 – $3.50) for an hour.
  • For Higher classes or Professional courses, you can smoothly get Rs. 600 – 800 ($10 – $14) for an hour.


4. Data Analysis:

Companies are looking for those people, who can analyze data for them. As we already, discussed about Online Data Entry Jobs, but this is something different from others.

You just need to acquire a degree in Statistics or MBA in finance. Most probably, youngsters can grab the good opportunities by taking good projects. This is a technical field, you can get in trouble without qualification.

  • You can easily get Rs. 400 – 800 ($6.50 – $13.50) for per hour working here.


5. Website Designing

This is also a technical field, where you require a special education qualification and experience also. Previously we have discussed, Online programming Jobs and how you can make money with Programming Skills. Which all explains about a good programmer and his programming values.

Not only in India, but also across the world..you can see high demand of web designer and programming persons.

  • For making the Basic design, you can easily get Rs. 10,000 – 20,000 ($166 – $333).
  • For making the impressive and advance design, you can get more and better values.


6. Corporate Training:

Many companies try to give trainings to their staff from the experts. The training can be related to Soft Skills, Products and Marketing tactics. And Imagine, if you are a trainee for something similar subjects then,

  • You can easily get Rs. 5,000 – 20,000 for each 4 to 6 hour training session.

Surely a very wonderful  and one of the Top Paying Best Freelance Jobs to do.


Obviously, This field for all those people, who have become fed up with their regular office routine. People who want to express their skills and talent without any objection and guidance.

So I can say, this freelancing field is only made for you. As we already discuss about 5 most in demand freelance jobs earlier but, time is the biggest changer. Now some new concepts have been involved and come in front of us, as in the good aspects. In my next article, we will discuss more about Best Freelance Jobs sites to work on.

Till then, Stay tuned with us for more Online Money Making Updates.

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  1. Avatar of Steve Capell
    Steve Capell says

    Quite good information and even helpful to those who are wondering for jobs and making money online. searching their jobs online in their own field and talent is a good source of making money online.

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain says

      Hello Steve,
      Thanks for appreciating about my efforts.
      Yes! It’s so true that Freelance is one of the best ways to earn quite healthy income from Internet.
      Just need of awareness to put some efforts here in this field
      Thanks for commenting here!
      Have a wonderful day ahead. 🙂

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