7 Real Ways to Make Money Online with your Hobbies in 2014


Each person has got few hobbies, and they do it for getting pleasure in their life. There is nothing better than completing your hobbies with enjoying the taste of it. Collecting the Items Dance, Cooking, Art and Craft, Teaching etc all is been considered as the hobbies. Time plays the important role in life. But, If I tell you some stunning real ways to make money online with that hobbies, then what will your reaction?

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It’s true that in this 2014, you can make money with your hobbies. As the time progress, an Individual person choices and hobbies also change according to the situation. In this scenario, a person wants to know the ways to make extra cash, whether it is Online or Offline. He wants to use his skills to prove this work worthy and truthfully.

There is a famous quote from Scott Alexander “Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have, beautifully.”

Your hobby can also make you a Leader in that Niche. There is famous quote “If your actions inspire others to dream
more, learn more,  do more  and become more, you are a leader.” Yes! so true you can become of many faces and guide them to do the right work with fine intentions and methods.

7 Real Ways to Make Money Online with Hobbies

7 Real ways to Make Money Online with Hobbies

  • (1) Photography

An image represents the creativity and originality of the person or thing or any other. It’s something like mirror of anybody. This is very good concept about Photography that “If your photo is attractive, unexpected/lots of money will come to your hand automatically.”

Make money from your hobby Photography

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If you are fond of photography, then you must develop your this skill into your passion then after it will become your Attitude on by own. You can do short term course of Photography. You will easily get to know each technique of photography in this course. Then, after you can do Part-Time job in any photo studio.

There are various types of ways to earn money online or offline with the Photogrpahy. Some are as-

  • (1) Selling Photos Online
  • (2) Selling Products Online by capturing their modern outlook.
  • (3) You can do graphic designing and sell your graphics and prints online.
  • (4) Photo Editing and Wedding Photography
  • (5) Portrait Photography, Greeting Cards and T-Shirt Designing to make income online.

You can also do a different type photography like Wild-Life photography and make money with online and offline both. If you work with the unique idea in this photography world, then surely you can become a good photographer. So Photography hobby is one of the real ways to make money online.


  • (2) Dancing

Dance expresses the body movements, postures, gestures and everything. If you know, how to express your expressions through dance mode or you are fond of dancing, then you can easily make your career in Dancing with earning some money in this way.

Make money with Dancing

You can take command on any of one dance form and can start your own dance class. We all know that Dancing requires so much passion and hard-work. Daily many of the dancing shows come into the television like India’s Got Talent, Boogie Woogie etc. You can take part there and in the future, you can become choreographer also.

If you want to earn money online with your dancing skills then, You-Tube is the best way to earn rapid money. You can upload your latest and original videos on You-Tube and earn money from here.

There is so much empty space available in the dancing field. If you got the talent, express to the world and hence, Rock the Universe with your dancing moves. It’s also one of the real ways to make money online or offline both in 2014.


  •  (3) Teaching

It’s said that “A teacher can make and mar the students life”. It’s so true, If we look around the teaching system. Many of students join the school for a Teaching purpose, when they have summer holidays. They like to teach the students and want to make this hobby as the profession.

Make money with your hobby teaching

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Yes! they can make it as their profession. They can start teaching class at their own home. Now if they don’t get suitable atmosphere, then they can give the online tuitions and generate money.

There are so much websites available for solving this classic purpose of tuition. Some are as-



(3) www.tutorvista.com

and many other! You can give tuition to the students according to your knowledge and earn from here. Teaching is one of the solid real ways to make money online fast.


  • (4) Cooking

As we hear about hobby of cooking, “Master Chef” this name is always come in front of us. Cooking is an art of preparing food or any type of food. It should be tasty and should be touch to a heart. You can make your this hobby into your profession.

Make money from your hobby Cooking

Many institutes are famous for their cooking courses studies. Here, you can take professionally on any of the special dish and open your out-look. You can also create a new experiment with the food and make a new dish. Also, you can launch it into the market.

If you want to earn money online with cooking, then you can upload your cooking videos into You-Tube. You can also use eBay.com, Etsy.com type website to explore your cooking talent by uploading your new dishes pictures. Uploading is free of cost. One of our friends channel or website name ekunji.com is doing fabulous work in this area.


  • (5) Art and Craft

Art and Craft is the very famous and popular way to make money whether it is online or offline. If you have got the skills of making Art and Craft products then you can supply it into the market and make rich amount from here.

Make money from Art and Craft

In this world, there are so many Art and Craft lovers available, who always desire to get unique art with a unique style. You can make your profit by selling your art to them. Just you need a mind set for Marketing and Supply.

You can try many of online stores to selling your art and craft products and earn money online.

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If you are fond of working on a computer then you can try your luck into Animation and Game designing field. You have need to do a good course for making career in Art and Craft field.


  • (6) Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is one of the easiest and sophisticated way to earn money online. It’s also one of the Top Paying freelance jobs. If you are fond of writing, then you can make your blog by focusing on your one of the favorite fields. You can write about Technology Updates, Science Facts, Film Industry, Religious views, Cricket fun and many of other subjects. You can send your all written data to News Papers, Magazines or Websites.

Make money from Freelance Writing

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They will pay you the decent amount for your all data. You should also focus on some Important Freelancing tips to get success here. Hence, you can become famous also in this way. Some of the freelancing sites which can full fill your writing purpose are as-




and many of others!

It’s one of the viral real ways to make money online these days.

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  • (7) Voice Modulation or Translation

If you have got the skills on languages and your voice is clear, then you can do the voice modulation course for making this hobby as your profession. You  get teach here to represent yourself in the attracting way.

Make money from Voice Modulation

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There are many legal online websites available for Translation Jobs Online. They provide you the opportunity to earn money by translating online up to $200 a month. It also depends on the package you choose for yourself. Some website are as-

(1) TranslatorsTown.com

(2) TranslatorsBase.com

(3) TRADUguide.com

These all sites help you to earn money with translate languages. It’s one of the phenomenal real ways to make money online these days.

7 Real Ways to Make Money Online with your Hobbies in 2014


There are many different types of hobbies available in this but, these are the hobbies, which are common in each and every person. “Execution is the key to success.” And, it is pretty true in this case of hobbies that make money during your college time also. So execute yourself and build the reputation in your world as well as Internet World.

Thanks for taking your time to read this article! 🙂

  1. Avatar of Parmveer Singh
    Parmveer Singh says

    Very informative post Vivek !!

    You know, in all freelancing online jobs ‘Photography’ remain at the ‘top earning job’ in 2013, second was webdesign.

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain says

      Thanks sir for your such kind of appreciation..!!
      Yeah! that’s why I gave it the top position into my post in all 7 hobbies.
      Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Avatar of Adithya Shetty
    Adithya Shetty says

    Hi Vivek,
    It’s really a way to make money with our hobbies!
    Internet provides us several opportunities to make money using our skills and talent. …
    thanks for sharing!

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain says

      Hi Adithya,
      It’s true that Internet has got the ability to attract people towards money making marketing.
      As the result, It’s become very successful also.
      Come back again for getting more informative updates via MoneyBies.com.
      Thanks for commenting here..!! 🙂

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    mvenkatk says

    hi vivek jain nice post, now-a-days cooking is the best job, arts and crafts, and teaching also the best ways to get more and more income, your ability in those work, you can do hard work on get unbelievable income, you did a great job, nice article, you put some more examples.

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain says

      Hi Venket,
      Yes! you are right here!
      Due to globalization and technological updates..
      These all have become trade mark in Individual’s life.
      And, thanks for your appreciation!
      I will surely try to put more example in my next content!
      Have a good weekend 🙂

  4. Avatar of Sameer Goyal
    Sameer Goyal says

    Dear Vivek,
    Very good post. You are very true. Your hobbies can give you Handsome income along with the enjoyment and opportunity to fulfill your passion.

    Thanks to include my Youtube channel for reference in this post in “cooking” section.

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain says

      Dear Sameer sir,
      It’s really nice to see your comment here!
      Yes! Hobbies play an important role in life.
      If you work on your hobbies positively then you can easily build your life formulations and can enjoy a joyful life!
      Thanks for coming again on Moneybies!
      Have a nice weekend ahead..:)

  5. Avatar of Rupali Gupta
    Rupali Gupta says

    Hi Vivek,

    All these ways are really worth . Yeah i can make money online by using our hobbies, like i love writing an d i am making money by Freelance Writing like if someone love cooking he or she can upload their cooking videos. some of the bloggers i have seen selling their products on their blogs like tutorial books etc.

    Anyway nice post

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain says

      Hi Rupali,
      You are absolutely right here!
      Writing is one of the precious and god gift hobbies, and If you are doing this by enjoyment and fun then, you are on the top.

      Other ways, Amazon, eBay etc these are the websites, which always help you to sell your products.
      I can say, Classic execution with wonderful temperament and Mind Blowing results.
      Thanks for coming on Moneybies again!
      Have a wonderful week ahead..:)

  6. Avatar of shiwangi shrivastava
    shiwangi shrivastava says

    Hi Vivek,

    Nice explanation over the making money through your hobbies.
    Its true that whatever you do, do with elation cannot be burden for you. Nothing can be better than
    seeing your hobbies as source of income for you.
    Who can understand better than me earning penny through your priorities.
    As I am doing in the form of freelance writing.
    Nice and informative post. Keep sharing your viable views.

    1. Avatar of Vivek Jain
      Vivek Jain says

      Hi Shiwangi,

      Nice and appreciable thoughts again from your side.
      You can’t see anything better than making money with just only from your hobbies.
      It’s one of the tremendous source of income.
      Freelance writing is a good example here, which you have given!
      It’s really good to see that, you are earning a decent amount from Freelance writing!
      A person should learn from experienced ones!
      Without any experience, he is like a dump person!
      Thanks for coming again on Moneybies!
      Have a classic week ahead..:)

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    thank u, very nice article.

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    It’s really great article. Very useful for me even I started the Freelance Writing and now make money from online.
    Thanks For sharing this great informative information.

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    Nice Post! Thank you so much for sharing these 7 Real Ways to Make Money Online with your Hobbies. And in this era of modernization, everything is going online and which is also an increasing number of ways to earn money online. And one thing which I really like about this is that it making us independent and job free. Keep up the good work… Keep Sharing…

    Sandeep Gautam

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    photography and freelancing is the important part of the making money online

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    hi vivek jain nice post, now-a-days cooking is the best job, arts and crafts, and teaching also the best ways to get more and more income, your ability in those work, you can do hard work on get unbelievable income, you did a great job, nice article, you put some more examples.

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