Experience Is the Best Teacher: 6 Crucial Lessons You Can Learn from Gambling


There are some fundamental life lessons that you can learn from gambling that may take longer to learn anywhere else. Although anyone can tell you about what they learned from gambling if they think hard enough about it, there is nothing like gaining wisdom from firsthand experience. Consider these six powerful lessons to learn that can benefit you in gambling, and in life.

If You Don’t Jump in the Game, You Can’t Win

In life, where there are always winners and losers, we all are embarking on some quest to be a winner somewhere. In the casino, it is no different. You can take a stroll around the casino right now, and you’re bound to hear the bells ringing of someone’s massive jackpot on a slot machine, or venture past an individual who is yelling with excitement after scoring a huge return on the table. In every instance, you could be that winner yourself, but only if you choose to play the game. You must remember that if you don’t play the game, then you can’t win.

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In order to play, you have to meet the general requirements. In life, you must be willing to put in the work, acquire the training, skills, or education you need, or contact the right people to realize a goal or make a dream come alive. Most slot machines, mobile casinos, and table games have a minimum level bet that you must put up in order to participate. If you are willing to pay the cost, then you can join in and start winning. It is the people who are willing to pay the toll that have the greatest chance (and the only chances) of emerging victorious at the end.

High Risks Can Have High Payoffs

One of the best lessons that you can learn from gambling is realizing that taking high risks can lead to great rewards. The more that you wager, the higher the amount of money that you can win. Whether you wander into a popular local casino or dive into a mobile casino on your favorite device, the facts remain that you can win big when you bet big. Forbes declares that finding the appropriate tension between risk and return is necessary for securing an advantage, whether you are gambling or investing in the stock market. Being too conservative in your bets or investments can lead to small wins that could have been massive ones. However, if you can take the right risk at the ideal time, you can win big at a casino or in life.

Money Management Is Key

While gambling, you can quickly learn a lot about wagering and proper management of your finances. However, some people make the mistake of not treating money won through gambling, or other easy avenues as significant. Time Magazine declares that you should treat all money received at its face value, no matter how you got it. Money gained through gambling, found around the house, or given to you as a gift is still money. Stacking up your winnings gives you the opportunity to build your financial security.


No matter your age, understanding the importance of money management is key if you want to prosper in life, and this information is best acquired early in life.The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that students were able to learn valuable lessons in math through a combination of luck and skill based games. Although not often referred to as a gamble, investing in the stock market, and putting up money for your 401k are great financial risks that are not always guaranteed to pay off, as many investments can either skyrocket or plummet in value at any time.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Many people make the decision to gamble everyday, but it is critical to remember never to bite off more than you can handle. If you are starting to wage the value of expensive assets, such as your vehicle or home, then you may have a dangerous addition on your hands that can potentially destroy your financial foundation. Gambling responsibly is always the way to go. Some of the best advice from any gambler is to “Only wager what you can afford to lose.” If your loss will put you out of business or leave you and your family living on the streets, then you need to set far more reasonable wagers if you are going to gamble.

Play By the Rules, or The System Will Get You

It is wise to learn and understand the rules of any game or arena that you plan to step into, but you must commit to never bending the rules. Fast Company shares the story of MIT mastermind Ben Campbell and suggests that you should avoid crossing the line and creating your own set of rules, or the system will get you one way or the other. In life, it may appear that some paths offer easy wins or a profitable avenue of getting over, but you should avoid these snares at all costs. Not only can breaking the rules result in a loss of money, but your reputation, integrity, and freedom may be starkly affected as well. However, once you learn the rules of any terrain, you can develop a sound strategy to increase your odds of success.

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You Will Not Win All Of  The Time

One of the hardest lessons that must be learned in life is that you will not win every time. Every spin on the slot machine will likely not be a winner, and every roll at the table is not a hit. You likely will not win every sports championship for the home team, get every job that you apply for, and someone else may marry the one that got away. Although you know that you will not win all of the time, a higher perspective to consider is that you must always prepare to win more than you prepare to lose. It is often that having an attitude of expectation that naturally allows the winds of luck and success to blow your direction.


The life schooling that you can gain in the casino can be hard-won, or easy to grasp. How fast you learn from your experiences is often up to you, and once you understand these simple lessons that can be learned through gambling, the information can benefit you quickly in many other areas of life. The more quickly you absorb these crucial life lessons, the better off you will be in gambling, and making strategic decisions in every area that are beneficial for you.

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