5 Best Companies that are Hiring People to Work from Home in 2017


These days, freelancing jobs and work from home jobs are getting popular more than ever. As we progress, more and more companies are offering remote jobs, and the workers are eager to snatch them up. There are many opportunities for the people to find this kind of arrangement and are looking for work from home jobs to make their way. However, here are the Top 5 Companies that are hiring people to work from home.

work from home companies

  1. TeleTech

Assisting most of the companies to grow through simplifying and personalizing interactions, TeleTech is indeed and international technology firm that spans with many industries. They are poised to hire more freelancers who might be working both from home as well as the office.

The TeleTech services offer a lot of freelancers to operate customer care services from the home by personally assisting the people to get more results from their business. Employees can work from their home to get the best results out!
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  1. Convergys

Being a leader in the customer management industry, the Convergys makes up annual revenue of $3 billion over than some 125000 employees. Out of these numbers of employees, the Convergys has some employees who serve the clients from locations all over the globe.

As the matter of fact, Convergys has the highest number of employees who are comfortable working from home and earning a good amount of money. Their recent acquisition of a Stream as a competitor is indeed a great move. This move will indeed help them to continue to expand in the months which are going to come.
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  1. Sutherland Global Services

The Sutherland Global Services provides business process and technology that is operated across 40 plus centers around the world. As one of the largest BPO companies in the world, they host millions of employees who are working regularly. However, a lot of people trust the Sutherland Global Services to be one of the best sources which you can opt for. With their growing rate to be much higher, the Sutherland Global Services is expected to grow at a much faster rate and also, to be much successful in the future.
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  1. UnitedHealth Group

The UnitedHealth Group is one of the biggest perspectives where you can be a part of. Launched in the US, the UnitedHealth Group is a Health Firm that aims to support Health Care Operations across the country. The best part of all is that employees can get a number of works from home jobs which can be easily found at the career section of their website. The UnitedHealth Group has a lot of offers from health care operations, customer services and claims which can be operated from Home.
Apart from this, there are telecommunication services that offer you clinical and health management jobs to get the best experience.
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  1. Kelly Services

Founded in the year of 1946, Kelly Services is one of the greatest places which have continued to evolve and alongside workplace. In the year of 2013, they provided employment to more than 540000 employees who were eagerly looking for a work from home job.  They are eagerly looking for passionate customer support executives as of now.
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