5 Best Hobby and Homemade Items to Sell Online


There are a vast number of ways to make money via the internet these days. And that number is growing exponentially by the day. We all know this on some, vague level. But the difficulty lies taking that concept, and actually doing something with it.


From my experience and observation of those who make it big, I’m going to layout the top four categories of hobby and homemade items that sell great online.

Before I get into that, let me lay some groundwork. Most of us don’t have a lot of extra money to get a business, no matter the size, up and running. Here are ways I’ve added streams of income with minimal effort, to have capital to invest in the homemade and hobby items we’re going to talk about:

  1. Sell items from around your house on eBay
  2. Trade in your silver and gold for cash
  3. Sell big ticket items on Craigslist
  4. List your house on Airbnb
  5. Send your clothes to Thredup

With a little little bit of money to invest, and a lot of passion you can get behind one of these products and yield good profit from your living room while wearing your yoga pants. That’s the beauty of it: no overhead, no boss, just you doing your thing in the time that works for you.


If you get on Pinterest for about 30 seconds, you’ll be bombarded by DIY repurposing projects. In fact, I think there are about one million ways to repurpose old pallets.

You don’t have to go far to find items people are selling, that are made from inexpensive, everyday items you could easily find at a thrift store. Soap pump bottles made from mason jars, quilts, antique-books-turned-journals, guitar pics from old gift cards, beads made from recycled paper, beer bottle vases, button artwork, and garland. You name it, someone has repurposed it.


If you know a lot about antiques, or even just possess an affinity for old stuff, this could be right up your alley. Most towns are bursting at the seams with estates sales. And whether you’re in a booming metropolis or the nearest Target isn’t within 60 miles, I bet there are lots of treasures from decades past hiding all around you.

An easy way to dive in, is to do your research on eBay by searching “Completed Listints”. Here you can search for a particular item, and then see how many of that items has sold (and hasn’t sold) and at what price point.

By doing this you can make money from the get-go, but be always increasing in knowledge. Anyone who has been in this field for a decent amount of time will tell you they’re always learning.

When it comes to old stuff, determine what you’re drawn to. Maybe you’re intrigued by old clothing that has come back in style. Or old toys and games. Or perhaps you love items related to pop culture and music through the years. You get the point.

Antiques is a very broad category. Find what kind of old stuff you like, focus on that, and make money selling it!


Here’s a category that has a lot of demand. Here’s why. They’re under the $30 mark, easy to ship, and typically not expensive to make.

If you can streamline a process to make crocheted items or jewelry or headbands, there’s good money to be made.

Etsy is a great starting point. When starting an shop, take time focusing on creating a professional and perfected experience for buyers, from the quality of the photos to the crisp, clean feel of your page.

At the same time give your shop personality so that it can stand out from the other shops. Highlight what you offer that other competing companies don’t.


Knowing your peers and the circles you run in, I bet you could come up with some sweet subject matter to create a T-shirt (or a mug, or a hat, etc) around. Whether you’re a chemist or a reformed theologian or a hardcore vegan, you’ve already got a platform.

Think of a slogan or quote that would appeal to your kind of people. If you don’t have a knack for words or design, enlist the help of others here. You’d be surprised how inexpensive it is to buy shirts in bulk and have them printed.


Natural beauty products are all the rage. And with the growing popularity of essential oils, there’s a booming market for homemade natural beauty items.

For example, making homemade soap does not take a large amount of money to get your business up and running. Choose a product and perfect the recipe. These types of items are at an affordable price point for buyers and perfect for gifts.


I bet as you were reading this, one, if not many ideas came to your mind. My hope is that this post will get your gears turning. That maybe it’ll be the last nudge you need to get moving on an idea.

Nail down what you envision yourself enjoying to make and to sell. Then research. Check out what others are doing. Who’s successful? Why?

It won’t be long until you’ll get a system down, and bringing in the big bucks with the rest of us. Now go re-purpose those pallets!

How about you? What has been a good moneymaker in your experience?

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